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Helpful Items For You INC GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

Introducing: the Prosthesis Holder for amputees! Hi, I am a tri amputee. Meaning both legs and left arm have been amputated. I have a prosthetic arm and legs. I have 2 friends who have been amputated below the knee and have prosthesis. ( What if you were an amputee?) I dreamed up ,designed, and patented ;the Prosthesis Holder. Mo To ...

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JustALeg Surgery Solution Osseointegration for Amputee Kare Zigay YouCaring Help Today

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, September 26, 2016 — An amputee solution two years in the making is close to becoming a reality for one local woman thanks to support from complete strangers using an approach to assist amputees with the possibility of greater and more effortless mobility using the newest innovation in the field of prosthetics. Over 180 patients from Australia, ...

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