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Please Help!!! I have rescued Bambam from the kill pen, which I watched a video of and it broke my heart. Bambam is located in Eaton Colorado and I am in central North Dakota. I was drawn to Bambam it was just a feeling like I had to save her I came up with the bail but now I am ...

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A fresh start GofundME CrowdFundingExposure.com Campaign

Almost 4 years ago, myself and the mother of my kids split up and decided to go our separate ways. Since then, I have struggled to balance being a father and making a life for my own. It has always been important to me to be present in my children’s life from the day they were born. I have spent ...

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Cobblestone Wood House in the woods :)

I need your help I started this little project with my friends. We are building a small house in the woods that we could actually be able to live if we need to 🙂 Its like a childhood dream. I m child in my heart and need your help 🙂 We need money to buy some wood and roof. I ...

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Save My Home Stop Foreclosure and be a secret hero!

No long, moving, heartbreaking story that tugs at your heart strings until your wallet opens. My family and I are just dealing with life and it is kicking our butts. It seems as though our bills have bills that are all flooding in and we are drowning. Right now we still have a roof over our heads, but my house ...

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Finally HOME

DONATE Today! http://bit.ly/finallyHOME Welcome to our dream of helping this generation of foster kids have the family support and life skills they need to successfully graduate high school and college. we found the home with enough space. It needs work, but if we can raise enough to purchase, we can use proceeds from the sale of our home for the needed ...

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Help mom get better care at home

My name is Jennifer. I am the caregiver and daughter in law of the older lady in the picture. Her name is Montserrate and she’s 75. She is the reason for me making a go fund me page. I’ve been her caregiver for the last 7 years with little or no help besides my husband (who works full-time), my 11 ...

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