Finally HOME

eiron ledesma Finally HOMEDONATE Today!

Welcome to our dream of helping this generation of foster kids have the family support and life skills they need to successfully graduate high school and college. we found the home with enough space. It needs work, but if we can raise enough to purchase, we can use proceeds from the sale of our home for the needed updates to accommodate. THANK YOU FOR HELPING AND SPREADING THE WORD!

I’m kind of known for my “jump in and help” attitude.  So when my daughter introduced me to her friend from middle school who was in a pretty bad way in foster care I decided to employ my mom’s “If you don’t like the way something is done, do it yourself” attitude.  That meant I could no longer complain about how these kids are treated; 40+% leaving high school before graduation; no preparation for the daily responsibilities, job training, college….for adulthood; or even the simple nurturing that would give them a home to bring their future children to for the holidays.

NO MORE WISHING THINGS WERE BETTER!  My husband and I became foster parents for this teen, but in the process we learned exactly how broken the system is and we can no longer stand by quietly.  So we are looking for help (either financially or with direction) on building a group home that will meet these needs and give more kids a TRUE family with the ability to host huge family reunions in the future.

We have found a perfect 11 bedroom house that could be the start of a template on how to fix these issues nationwide.  It needs work, but I’ve never shied away from that.

It’s a HUGE goal, but it will have HUGE positive impact in generations of kids that live here if we are blessed with the ability to make it happen for them.  Please help in any way you can….financially; with direction to sources; and prayer for our success in helping as many kids as we can.  It takes a village to raise a child.  Welcome to our village!