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The application of the Rune Protocol on Binance Smart Chain makes a significant impact

SPUD (Potato) is developed by Dubai’s DFF (Future Foundation), in collaboration with AI experts. It utilizes blockchain runes to provide computational power for AI learning models worldwide. SPUD’s technical architecture highly aligns with AI neuron models, allowing for data fragmentation in a network distribution, breaking through the bottleneck of the AI black box model. The SPUD rune contract is used to build a decentralized cooperation model to assist AI in merging and jointly training data. This is set to create a new AI ecosystem in the shortest time, with immeasurable value.


The Dubai DFF Foundation has led investments in several high-profile projects, attracting top global investors, including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley from the USA, and Russia’s Tiger Fund, among other renowned foundations. These investments are primarily in multiple Web 3.0 projects. The foundation is dedicated to promoting innovative applications of blockchain technology and the crypto economy. It will also provide a range of technical solutions to help businesses and individuals achieve more secure, decentralized digital interactions, offering better guarantees in data privacy and traceability, and promoting the further prosperity of the digital economy.


SPUD has a total issuance of 380 million tokens, generated through early inscription methods. Its multiple destruction mechanisms and circulating operational model progressively decrease the token supply, strongly driving up its value. This considerable liquidity in the fund pool will bring greater confidence to investors, attracting more and more investors to the platform, achieving greater consensus.


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