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I would be happy to donate my 2016 Hyundai (24k miles on it currently) to a charity if I could somehow manage to get the funds to get me one of these new trucks I have been wanting, I also have two (2) tickets to Hershey Park that I would also give to one of the contributors of this cause.

So the story is simple. I can say that YES this is my midlife crisis.
I am obsessed with getting a truck but find the cost to be out of touch with my financial responsibilities. My daily driver is a Hyundai Elantra (I know, I know but it is great on gas) but it really just is not me. In the past I’ve had a lifted 1999 Jeep Cherokee Classic that I loved except it had no cargo space and a Hyundai Santa Fe which was all right for an SUV. The thing that I miss is being higher up than when in a car.

My oldest son has been in the US Air Force for 5 years now and married with my first grandchild due August 11th, my youngest son just left for boot camp on July 11th also for the Air Force. Both of my boys are out west whereas I’m in MD. My oldest step daughter moved out earlier this year and my youngest step daughter is leaving for college in August. This just leaves me, my lovely lovely awesome wife Kym and my youngest step son at home. Talk about an emptying nest.

I’m thinking of or another reputable charity that will ensure it gets to a Vet in need. I’ve never done this before so I don’t know if they are as good as the marketing makes them appear. Anyone have any suggestions?

You may be asking, “what kind of truck do I want that’s so expensive”?

Well of course
#1 Made in America Ford, Chevrolet or Dodge
#2 Rocky Ridge modified trucks
#3 What do they look like. See the pictures I’ve included as well as the ones I’ve found and posted to Facebook:

I figured that with the help from a minimum of 5500 people this could very well be a dream come true for me and help out a Vet in need.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this little midlife crisis dream of mine.

I can absolutely see me packing and me and the Mrs moving out West leaving the East Coast for a place void of the traffic and congestion. I always have this song in my head from years ago, don’t recall who it was that sang it but had the lyrics “I want to live where the green grass grows…”

Wishing all of you peace and happiness in your lives.

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