The Social Gaming Network

LVLUP NETWORK “A social network for gamers by gamers”

Who are we?
We are a young and active team who want to unite nerds, gamers, gaming nostalgics and cosplayers. We are gamers ourselves and we work passionately to bring our vision to live. Our aim is to bring people together. LvLup Network connects you with your gamer-friends and helps you to find new people who share the same interests. Show your passion and create your own groups or fanpages. Immortalize your best experiences as text or video so no epic headshot or speedrun will be forgotten. With LvLup you never have to play alone. But that’s not all: We also keep you up to date about the newest gaming and hardware news. To avoid long search times – during which you could slay some zombies – to find the news you are interested in we provide you with a customized news feed.

The road so far.
We started out as a news site and have been writing articles on a wide variety of games for a long time, including reviews, previews, and regular articles. Over the years the idea of something bigger kept growing. So, in early 2017 we decided to drastically change everything and start anew. We may have started small but our community has been growing continuously. We love our community and we want to entertain all of them. Every day we work hard to develop new features, find new ways to improve and keep you up to date about your favorite hobby. But our network is not the only thing that got bigger. Our Facebook page is gaining more and more fans as well.

Our Goal.
In the future we plan to expand our range to many different areas. We want to offer Youtubers and streamers a platform they can use to bring their community together. It doesn’t matter if their number of followers is already big or whether they are at the start of their career. Additionally, we aim to expand further into the field of clan work. Thanks to the friendly support from G-Portal we’ve been able to run a couple of community servers and two clan servers. However, we want to expand the offer even further so clans can borrow a server for a small fee in order to practice or play matches. We also want to bring our community features like selling their own products on their own marketplace, easier handling as well as the ability to write game reviews just to name a few. Aside from that we spend a lot of time expanding our editorial team to create even more interesting news for you. The goal is to offer our community more than just a social network. LvLup Network is supposed to be a unique place made by gamers for gamers.

Our partners
We at LvLup Network are pleased to have top-class partners at our side. For a long time now, we’ve been working closely with Razer, G-Portal and Printex24. We are very happy that these great companies support our project. Recently, we have also been able to win Ankermann, Gameswelt and as our partners. We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation between our partners and LvLup Network. Interested in supporting us as well? We are always looking for new partners who want to join us and work together to create something big and future-oriented.

Functions of the page:
Social Media
Fan Pages
Fan groups
News Review Preview System for games, game consoles, gaming accessories
User search by interests => it means of information on which console or which games you play or who you are interested in you can search
User search about information at Steam or Uplay etc / Reliable teammate, unfriendly or friendly teammate, etc……
Cup / Match System
Integrated online shop for consoles, games, accessories
Multi-streaming on Twitch, Hitbox, Youtube, Facebook