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TLDAO founding declaration: We will lead the birth of a thousand-fold myth. Are you willing to join?

Introduction to TLDAO: The infrastructure built to promote the ecological development of BNBTL. TLDAO is a non-profit organization that serves as an information sharing bridge for the BNBTL community and provides key infrastructure support such as funding, technology, and operations for the BNBTL ecosystem to promote the prosperity and development of the BNBTL ecosystem.


BNBTL is a rune on Binance Smart Chain, with a total amount of 21 million. It is one of the three leading projects on EVM. The community collectively calls it “the first orthodox fan rune on the entire network $BNBTL, and it is also a turning point for fans.” Chance”.

The original intention of creating TLDAO

Since the establishment of the TLDAO Chinese community, I have been thinking deeply about the future of BNBTL and the public chain rune ecology all the time. Think about how public chain runes can enter the “mainstream” and how to allow a wide range of “retail investors” with exploratory spirit and courage to participate in the “rune market”, an opportunity unique to the community and retail investors.


Thanks to the solidification of the hierarchy of Ethereum, Bitcoin Rune has experienced an unprecedented craze. It has broken the monopoly of VCs and institutions on the primary market and given retail investors the opportunity to participate in wealth distribution. Naturally, everyone is interested in Inscription. The future of the market has high expectations.


TLDAO has inherited the Binance Smart Chain rune craze. Many people think that the rune market is just MEME. On the contrary, the rune system has a more decentralized spirit than traditional token sales.


But this spirit is not enough. We need to make the rune system gain high value. We need to gather the power from the community and retail investors to truly transform BNBTL and obtain more financial support, technical support, and operational support. Dont let BNBTL become a hype or a bubble.


Therefore, we need a community leader and a DAO organization to twist the spirit of retail investors into a strong consensus force to promote the victory of the entire BNBTL.


Reasons for creating TLDAO/How to join

With the unanimous consensus of the BNBTL Chinese community, our idea is that the BNBTL community needs to solve the problem on its own. As one of the three major EVM public chain runes, BNBTL should also gain a leadership position in the entire public chain rune track.


Our own resources and consensus are very good, and everyone should be aware of this. We have the greatest advantage in terms of rune gas consumption and the number of holders, so we should not waste this power and should use them to the extreme!


The opportunity for us to create TLDAO is appropriate at this time because we need a foundation to promote the more efficient development of BNBTL.

At this point, on behalf of the BNBTL community, I would like to announce the establishment of TLDAO and create the TLDAO community. Now I accept MINT from all community members who are committed to promoting community development.


What is TLDAO going to do?

We will explain in detail what we want to do so that you can better understand our plan.

TLDAO’s funds will be used in three directions: operations, technology and resources.


1. Provide financial support for KOLs, community leaders, and industry stars to promote BNBTL;

2. Provide financial incentives to members who maintain the community

3. Provide financial support to promote the deployment of BNBTL in major exchanges;

But this is just the beginning, because we will further improve the funding framework in the future to promote the development of BNBTL.


About the value of BNBTL

As I mentioned before.

In the past, the opportunity to truly realize hundreds of times or thousands of times of income, and to make big gains with a small amount, was a way for retail investors to participate fairly, rather than being coerced by VCs.


Think about the ICO on Ethereum back then. It gave retail investors first-level investment opportunities that could only be given to VCs and institutions, and created countless projects that were hundreds, thousands, or even ten thousand times, such as IOTA, ADA, and neo. .


And what about Ethereum now? The primary market is monopolized by VCs and institutions, the prices in the primary market are ridiculously high, and the launch method relies entirely on retail investors in the secondary market to foot the bill.


The same is true for the last round of DeFi. The liquidity mining proposed by DeFi allows retail investors to earn money from market makers, and it has also created hundreds or thousands of times projects, such as AAVE, SNX, and YFI. But now DeFi also has no opportunities for retail investors, and institutions and large investors occupy the greatest liquidity.

The opportunity this time is Rune. BRC20 also saw an ORDI increase of 10,000 times, but this is a victory for retail investors and a fair launch. Institutions and VCs cannot participate in this market because the cost of participation is small and the participation method is fairer. Institutions cannot Advantage.


Unfortunately, ORDI has increased ten thousand times, and sats and rats have also increased many times. There will be a higher market value in the bull market, but the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of U or hundreds of thousands of U has been transferred from BRC20 to public chain runes.


The MEME track must have a leading effect, but the No. 1 runes of Solana and matic have completed huge increases, while BNBTL, which is also the No. 1 rune, has not yet started.


This provides huge profit opportunities for the community and BNBTL. But in this process, we need to make BNBTL develop better. I want every community member to be a part of it.



Our beliefs are unswerving and our goals are clear. As BNBTL community members and spokespersons, we will promote the community and promote BNBTL to realize its unlimited potential.


But I cannot complete such a task alone. As a community, we want BNBTL to become a revolution for retail investors and communities, revolutionizing the lives of the fixed-line class and old money.


Now, our actions have seen results and we have inspired a wave of collectivism in the community!


Finally, everyone is welcome to participate in the creation of our TLDAO (Turing DAO).


Today will be the starting point for BNBTL to become a thousand-fold myth. We have no obstacles or excuses. We stand at the forefront, we stand on the trend. The future of BNBTL is the future we create!


BNBTL will be fully launched at 20:30 on January 30, 2024, in 100 communities around the world, and it will explode instantly and be extraordinary!


MINT website: https://bnbtl.asia/


Join the TLDAO global community: https://t.me/TLBNBS

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