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Release of ‘Hacker Mindset: Psychological Tactics and Strategies for Mastering Social Engineering’

New York City, New York Jun 17, 2024 ( – Fortis Novum Mundum, a black-owned forward-thinking publishing house, is thrilled to announce the release of one of its most anticipated title, ‘Hacker Mindset: Psychological Tactics and Strategies for Mastering Social Engineering’. Released on May 21, 2024, this groundbreaking work delves into the psychology of cyber attackers, offering an in-depth exploration of social engineering tactics and strategies.

‘Hacker Mindset’ not only uncovers the tactical nuances of social engineering but also provides a systematic approach to implementing robust defenses against such attacks. The book carefully dissects various real-world attacks, explaining how they were orchestrated and illustrating how similar tactics can be recognized and countered effectively. Each chapter is complemented with step-by-step guides and best practices, making complex concepts accessible and actionable for cybersecurity professionals. This hands-on approach ensures that readers can immediately apply the knowledge to enhance their security posture.

Furthermore, the author emphasizes the importance of adapting to the dynamic nature of cyber threats. The book discusses how continuous learning and adaptability are critical for cybersecurity professionals to stay ahead of attackers. ‘Hacker Mindset’ delves into the latest advancements in cybersecurity technologies, providing readers with insights into how cutting-edge tools can be harnessed to bolster defenses. It also explores the psychological underpinnings of social engineering, offering readers strategies to not only defend against it but to think several steps ahead of malicious actors.

In addition to practical defense strategies, ‘Hacker Mindset’ explores the ethical implications and responsibilities of wielding such knowledge. It provides a thoughtful examination of the moral considerations that come with hacking and cybersecurity defense, aiming to foster a code of ethics that upholds the integrity of the cybersecurity profession. This balance between technical skill and ethical consideration prepares readers to handle not only the how of cyber attacks but also the when and why, aligning tactical knowledge with a robust ethical framework.

This comprehensive resource is essential for anyone involved in securing digital assets, providing the tools and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of modern cybersecurity. From IT professionals to chief security officers, ‘Hacker Mindset’ offers valuable insights that are crucial for safeguarding organizations in an increasingly digital world. The practical applications, depth of information, and ethical guidance make this book a cornerstone for professionals aiming to refine their skills and enhance their understanding of the cybersecurity landscape

‘Hacker Mindset: Psychological Tactics and Strategies for Mastering Social Engineering’ is now available for purchase at major retailers and directly through our website. For more details or to secure a copy, please visit or email

Source :Fortis Novum Mundum, LLC

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