Tragic passing of Baby Zayn GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

On June 18 fathers day I gave birth to the most wonderful happy baby boy he was such a handsome blessing I have been off work for over 2 months now I just got my 6 week check up to go back to work I’ve brest fed him from the day he was born but at 2:00 this morning I got up & changed our son Zayn & fed him & we fell asleep until the alarm went off for his Dad to get up for work at 5:00 am I got Zayn up & he was blue & not breathing as his Dad did CPR as I called 911 the EMS took him to the hospital after 20 minutes we were called into a room where we were asked to fill out papers about what happened but neither one of us were able to do that so a few minutes the Dr came in & said our baby was gone that there was nothing they could do this is the absolute worst thing that’s ever happened in our lives we do not have any insurance to help with his funeral please help us because we do not have the money to take care of our babies service or anything else. GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR HELP. Anything is greatly appreciated.

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