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TSA Ramps Up Deployment of Advanced Technology X-ray Machines, Passenger Imaging Technologies, and Liquids Explosive Detection



2008-07-15 10:09:00

WASHINGTON, DC–(EMWNews – July 15, 2008) – The Transportation Security Administration

(TSA) today announced expanded deployment that will bring Advanced

Technology X-ray (AT) and Passenger Imaging to 21 of the nation’s busiest

airports by the end of 2008. TSA also plans to purchase and deploy

approximately 300 additional AT X-rays and 80 Passenger Imagers, bringing

the total to 900 AT and 120 Passenger Imaging units nationwide in 2009.

“This major step up in technology coupled with our enhanced security

training for our officers will elevate security across the board,” said Kip

Hawley, TSA administrator. “AT X-ray and Passenger Imaging technologies

greatly enhance our ability to find small IED components made of common

items, which remain the greatest threat.”

Passenger imaging technologies enable TSA to detect prohibited items

including weapons, explosives and other metallic and non-metallic objects

concealed under layers of clothing without physical contact. Advantages of

AT X-ray include a greatly enhanced image with the ability to target novel

threat items resulting in fewer bag checks and faster throughput, and the

ability to upgrade the system with enhanced algorithms.

The following airports will receive new technology in the coming months:

Chicago O’Hare, Atlanta, Newark, Boston, Indianapolis, New York LaGuardia,

Tampa, San Juan and San Francisco.

Airports already operating new technologies include; Baltimore-Washington,

Los Angeles, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Denver, Dallas/Fort-Worth, Detroit,

Miami, Ronald Reagan Washington National, New York John F. Kennedy,

Washington-Dulles and Las Vegas.

TSA will also continue to deploy Bottled Liquid Scanners. This technology

is used at the security checkpoint and by transportation security

inspectors to ensure sealed containers do not contain hazardous liquids.

TSA anticipates deploying up to 900 bottled liquid scanners to the nation’s

busiest airports by the end of 2009.

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