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U.S. Attorney General reopens case on classified FBI reports linked to Bernie Sanders Scandal & lobbyist

WASHINGTON, Sept. 19, 2019 (EMWNews) — Almost a year after the Department of Justice closed an appeal case against the FBI for a FOIA violation complaint filed by lobbyist Cary Lee Peterson, U.S. Attorney General William Barr’s Office reopened the case due to ‘new findings’, according to a legal notice sent to the super PAC man, Cary Peterson, who’s currently at FCI Sheridan in Oregon due to a (pretextual) prosecution and conviction (for securities fraud charges from 2012) against an Federal Election Commission regulated political action committee Peterson ran between 2015-16.

Previous news in connection with this extraordinary case (series), derived from the context of the Bernie Sanders Gotcha Evidence (court documents), reported a Federal judge allowing (highly confidential) FINRA ‘Blue Sheet’ (securities bank customer) data leaked into the New Jersey prison system (after Peterson brought it to the court’s attention at sentencing), a petition letter filed at U.S. Supreme Court,  a Federal circuit court judicial order to enjoin stonewalling Peterson’s rights to release and appeal proceedings, the recusal and reassignment of two Federal district court judges in New Jersey https://www.apnews.com/Globe Newswire/d78dfce6fbe4d0e3fa7bae800e895586), and two judicial misconduct complaint cases in The Ninth Circuit (https://news.yahoo.com/judicial-misconduct-complaints-linked-bernie-120849850.html).

An Open Letter from Peterson’s publicist Amanda Liu of Robert Peterson and Fields Associates stated that ‘the Bernie Sanders Gotcha Evidence “filed by Peterson has closed in on the Sanders-Garvey Stonewall (Scandal) stalemate tactics- they are completely caught in every angle. Clearly, it is time for Garvey, Deutsch, and Sanders to throw in the towel.”‘

Liu continues by commenting, “Garvey Schubert Barer is a very reputable law firm with very notable solicitors, and this scandal, over and a misunderstanding, egos, and pride should cease immediately to enjoin what appears to be turning into a senseless faida among political committees, families, and social organizations, beyond the scope of official capacity for people that should be conducting themselves in a far more professional manner, than continuing the build-up of more and more bad actors and casualties, due to an obvious error made by particular one or two bad actors in the Federal judicial system and law enforcement in New Jersey- in accordance with the Daloisio Doctrine.”

Liu closes her open letter to NWOP saying, “Mr. Peterson made it a very fair settlement demand in the Peterson v. Garvey civil case- requesting that the respective parties make a majority settlement payment to a designated charitable fund, and the respective courts thereafter seal the bloody Garvey-Peterson (ordeal) cases from general public access. He feels that it is a significant disgrace and embarrassment to the United States government and justice system, and America in general, of which he (still) stands by and strongly believes in, notwithstanding the arbitrary and private prosecution brought against him by totalitarian Bernard Sanders and his clandestine mob of virtual representatives- all whom our investigators have verified are of the same political spectrum, according to voter, party convention, and donor records available in the public domain.”

Unfortunately, Peterson remains a prisoner at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Oregon, nearly four months after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit granted a motion that entitled Peterson to bail pending appeal of his judgment of conviction from the Federal district court in Trenton, New Jersey.

The reopened FBI (FOIA violation) case at the Department of Justice will raise the likelihood of Peterson’s personal FBI reports becoming declassified pursuant to the FOIA Act (5 U.S.C. 552), which could expose the identities of global actors, accomplices, and witnesses of what court papers are describing as “ultrahazardous activity” from “unsound” persons who compelled Federal judges and other U.S. government employees to participate in an arbitrary arrest and private prosecution under a manufactured pretext (‘barred under collateral estoppel doctrine’), used in an “ex-parte alternative dispute resolution”, opposed to simply filing a civil or administrative complaint against the  political action committee that Peterson ran between 2014 and 2016.

Earlier this week, EMWNews investigators reported that presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders visited Philadelphia for the DNC Labor Forum (and other quasi-campaign meetings) and made no comments on the Peterson or Peterson’s appeal court controversy in Philadelphia involving himself and his campaign attorney Brad Deutsch- or more so, any reference to the Senate Censure Brief against him, filed by Peterson’s firm last month, in efforts to get a sanction order against Senator Sanders’ federal election campaigning until he resolved his issues in question and controversy of law, fact, or ethics on:

(1) why and how Sanders feels that it is ethical and constitutional to serve as a bonafide Democrat (for a presidential bid)- and an independent socialist (in Vermont only) on two federal ballots at the same time (also the subject of an NPR news article published in March);

(2) why and how to Sanders feels that it is ethical and constitutional to spend political donor contributions to fund (clandestine) legal actions without approval from Senate, as federal law requires; and

(3) why and how Sanders feels that it is ethical and constitutional to not address (or make comment on the Senate Censure Brief) the Garvey-Peterson legal actions that recently became an interest of the Senate Counsel pursuant to 2 U.S. Code 288g(b).

Pastor Jonathan A. Mason (46) of Northeast Baptist Church of Philadelphia (who is also owner of JAM Media Solutions) was contacted for comments in respect to particularly the Garvey-Sanders Stonewall Scandal and his purported mutual associates Cary Lee Peterson (39), and U.S. District Court Judge Anne Elise Thompson (86) (who is a native of Philadelphia).

However, Mason had not responded to NWOP’s news media representative’s calls or emails with any statements to confirm or deny his association with Judge Thompson or Cary Lee Peterson- or being in connection to the Garvey-Peterson Ordeal cases, as a penny stock company shareholder, that the trial court (tactically) concealed from Peterson’s parallel criminal and civil actions in New Jersey District.

Hence, the FINRA ‘Blue Sheet data’ that U.S. Attorney Craig Capenito used to enhanced Peterson’s sentencing guidelines level by double (which caused his imprisonment) had purportedly disclosed a list of 163 (alleged) victims that purchased ‘RVPL’ stock shares between 2012 and 2013, does not include Mason’s name, or any shareholder name making a purchase at a trading size pursuant to the RVPL stockholder ownership registry records (which were barred from admission at Peterson’s jury trial), showing an online purchase of 50,000 shares, made by Mason in mid-2012.


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NWOP first began reporting on this subject matter set forth above on public integrity back in 2016. (See original podcast on Garvey-Peterson Ordeal).

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