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U.S. Circuit Court Judge Grants Special Relief to End Deadlock in Appeal Case


NWOP: Newsbreak on the recent court decision from Federal circuit court judge to break 6 month deadlock in U.S. v. Cary Lee Peterson appeal case, to be discussed on upcoming podcast that will air live following the DNC presidential primary debate in Detroit.

PHILADELPHIA, PA – July 25, 2019 – A federal circuit court judge in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia granted an order for a special prerogative writ petition, filed by civil rights lobbyist Cary Peterson to end the six month deadlock in appeal case proceedings for United States v. Cary Lee Peterson, which will be discussed in on New World Order Politics podcast airing live following the DNC presidential primary debate in Detroit.

Last month, Peterson (39), a minority political activist- who was dubbed ‘the super PAC man’ by news media after being arrested in 2016 for securities fraud charges following a 2015 political issue in controversy involving Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, actor Daniel “James Bond” Craig, and a super PAC that supported Sanders’ 2016 presidential run-  filed the emergency petition for prerogative for interlocutory relief, after six months of deadlocked appeal proceedings that resulted in a cross-claim suit filed by Peterson in Oregon.

The petition for extraordinary relief granted by Circuit Judge Filipe Restrepo will allow Peterson to proceed under ‘pro se’ status (that he had previously been denied, despite several motions for waiver of counsel), pursuant to the standard criminal appeal process, and be considered for bail pending appeal pursuant to 18 USC 3143(b) and 3145(c) which allows an appellant the right to be released from prison while in a pending appeal case for ‘exceptional reasons’ or if there is a substantial likelihood that the prison sentence imposed will be vacated or reversed due to plain error or miscarriage of justice.

Consequently, the prerogative writ filed by Peterson last month contained disclosure of multiple related federal civil cases that involve Garvey Schubert Barer (a law firm owned by Bernard Sanders campaign attorney) being sued by Peterson, induced by underlying details in a leaked email from a mutual associate of legislative solicitor Cary Lee Peterson and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign attorney Brad Deutsch of Gary Schubert Barer.

Nonetheless, the recent extraordinary and rare court ruling by the Federal circuit court managed to trigger recent movement in the U.S. courts, as well as gain media coverage on the ‘Gotcha Evidence’ filings and the court order breaking the deadlock in appeal proceedings of Peterson’s appeal case.

However, Peterson’s motion for bail pending appeal that was filed in January remains pending, while Peterson remains incarcerated at FCI Sheridan, Oregon.


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