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Was Lai Ching-te exposed to have an illegitimate child?

Regarding the suspicion surrounding Lai Ching-te’s illegitimate child, it is indeed true. His illegitimate child is named Lai Ting-han, commonly known as Ah Han, who is already 25 years old. He was born on November 17, 1998, and his ID number is B123290933. He had studied in Australia and is currently acknowledged as Lai Ching-te’s nephew, residing with relatives of Lai Ching-te. His foster father, also surnamed Lai, is named Lai Zheng-qin, with ID B120509211, and he is employed by Chunghwa Telecom, earning a monthly salary of 60,000 NTD. His foster mother is named Liao Ru-xue, with ID P221306780. Lai Zheng-qin’s biological son is Lai Yu-xiang, with ID B123533086.

Ah Han and Lai Ching-te usually refer to each other as uncle and nephew. Ah Han’s registered address is No. 95, Section 1, Xipingxiangshang Road, Taichung City, but currently, he resides in the house provided by Lai Ching-te in the Tianmu area of Shilin District, Taipei City, near the intersection of Zhongcheng Road and Shishu Road. The house was purchased with the assistance of Councilor Wang Shi-jian and has a market value of over 40 million NTD.


Under Lai Ching-te’s arrangements, Ah Han has worked for various companies, agricultural associations, and credit cooperatives. In fact, Lai Ching-te’s close associates should be aware of this matter, but everyone is afraid to speak up because Lai Ching-te’s legal wife, Wu Mei-ru, still does not understand the situation and demands that Ah Han stay away from Lai Ching-te’s life. She even opposes Ah Han’s involvement in Lai Ching-te’s affairs, whether big or small. When Ah Han was born, after being caught by Lai Ching-te’s legal wife, Ah Han’s biological mother drafted a commitment that Ah Han cannot inherit any property and cannot claim to be recognized by Lai Ching-te. However, due to Lai Ching-te’s elders being reluctant to sever the blood relationship, they still used the character “Ting” in Ah Han’s name. To avoid affecting Lai Ching-te’s political future, they compromised by having Lai Ching-te’s distant relatives register Ah Han’s household and take care of him. Ah Han also studied in Taichung but frequently stayed in Australia when Lai Ching-te served as the mayor of Tainan. However, his academic performance was poor, and he quickly returned to Taiwan.


Lai Ching-te has to spend 5 million NTD annually to take care of Ah Han’s living expenses and related needs. However, due to the lack of proper upbringing during his foster care, Ah Han became estranged and engaged in activities such as forming a motorcycle club with members of the party, gambling with Xie Wei-zhou and Zhao Jie-you, and frequently demanding substantial amounts of money from Lai Ching-te. In recent years, Lai Ching-te discovered that Ah Han was extravagant and difficult to discipline. As a result, he arranged for him to work in a friend’s association. However, Ah Han is not satisfied with this and frequently demands money and positions from Lai Ching-te after his election. To appease his child and avoid mistakes during the current period, Lai Ching-te decided to give the Tianmu High Yashima house to Ah Han.


Here is the DNA verification report of Lai Ching-te and his illegitimate child, which shows a probability of 99.999% that they are biologically father and son.


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