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Web3 Synergy Unleashed: Zetrix, Web3Labs, and Summer Capital Transform Hong Kong’s Blockchain Landscape

HONG KONG – 23/01/2024 – (EMWNews) – In a groundbreaking collaboration, Zetrix, the prominent layer-1 public blockchain platform by MY E.G. Services Berhad (“MYEG”), joins forces with Web3Labs Hong Kong, a powerhouse in Web3 development and investment, along with venture capital firm Summer Capital. This strategic alliance aims to accelerate Hong Kong’s (“HK”) Web3 aspirations and position Zetrix as the preferred blockchain infrastructure for HK government-aligned applications.

Empowering HK’s Web3 Future: Zetrix, Web3Labs, and Summer Capital Unite

Zetrix expands its mission beyond government and enterprise-focused Web3 development, aligning with HK’s Fintech Promotion Roadmap. This move comes on the heels of significant partnerships with key stakeholders in China, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Web3Labs, with a network of over 500 partners across the Web3 ecosystem, plays a pivotal role in fostering additional growth and innovation in the city-state. Summer Capital, boasting market-leading startups in its portfolio, including Hashkey Group and SEBA Bank, collaborates to build an enterprise-grade ecosystem on blockchain infrastructure in HK.

This collaboration aims to:

Elevate Zetrix as the preferred Layer-1 platform for blockchain applications aligned with the HK government’s Web3 vision.
Catalyze innovative blockchain use cases, such as Real World Asset (RWA), stablecoin issuance, and financial instruments tokenization, connecting seamlessly via Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and Verifiable Credentials (VC).
Launch a Global Accelerator Program, nurturing startups building applications on the Zetrix platform, offering mentorship, technical support, and funding opportunities.

Zetrix considers a strategic investment in Web3Labs, enhancing its access to a vast network of Web3 experts and ecosystem partners. This move aligns with Web3Labs’ commitment to supporting Global Web3 startups through HK’s progressive Virtual Assets regulations.


Wong Thean Soon, Co-founder of Zetrix, expressed excitement about the partnership with Web3Labs, emphasizing its value to Zetrix and the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem in HK. Caspar Wong, CEO of Web3Labs, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the focus on government and enterprise-aligned applications to foster a thriving Web3 ecosystem. Henry Chen, Head of Fintech and Blockchain at Summer Capital, emphasized their commitment to building an enterprise-grade blockchain ecosystem in HK.

About Zetrix

Zetrix is a layer-1 public blockchain facilitating smart contracts with a focus on privacy, security, and scalability. Developed by MY E.G. Services Bhd, its cross-border integration with China’s national public blockchain Xinghuo BIF positions Zetrix as a gateway for global trade, deploying critical building blocks for Web3 services.

About Web3Labs

Web3Labs responds to the HKSAR Government’s policy on virtual assets by supporting global Web3 companies in establishing their presence in Hong Kong. Offering on-the-ground support, investment acceleration, technical collaborations, and compliance assistance, Web3Labs aims to create a one-stop gateway for Web3 entrepreneurs.

About Summer Capital

Summer Capital is an investment management and advisory firm dedicated to investing in early and growth-stage companies in “new economy” sectors. Summer Ventures, an affiliate, focuses on promoting and investing in the “real-world application” of blockchain technology and infrastructure.


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