Judicial Misconduct Complaints Linked to Bernie Sanders Censure Brief & Garvey Stonewall Scandal

Judicial Misconduct Complaints Linked to Bernie Sanders Censure Brief & Garvey Stonewall Scandal


WASHINGTON, Aug. 26, 2019 (EMWNews) — Last week the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit confirmed judicial misconduct complaints against two Federal court judges, filed by political solicitor Cary Lee Peterson, of which are connected to a petition for censure-impeachment inquiry on 2020 presidential hopeful Senator Bernard Sanders’ (seemingly) Democratic Party status and false swearing allegations recently filed at U.S. Senate Select Committee on Ethics- and an ongoing legal action pandamonium (‘berning’ in Federal courthouses coast-to-coast like a Stephen King-less drama/thriller series of ‘Carrie‘), derived from a quasi-political issue in controversy linked to an Ohio radio broadcasting company, a penny stock company ‘CEO’ (strawman) from Utah (who plead guilty to SEC charges that Peterson was later criminally convicted for in 2018), a New Jersey securities attorney (who as of three days ago had a sealed stipulation order for a 12-count indictment), and actor Daniel “James Bond” Craig, as reported by Time.

Despite the Garvey-Peterson Ordeal controversy storyline sounding more like a Hollywood action-thriller movie (that may warrant the likings of a the fictional character James Bond), (consolidated) court documents filed earlier this month by political activist (now political prisoner) Cary Peterson- who’s (expedited) special prerogative writ was granted in June by U.S. Circuit Judge Filipe Restrepo in the Third Circuit, for an injunction against ‘stonewalling’ adjudication on Peterson’s (uncontested) motions for release pending appeal and movement of appeal proceedings- led to the judicial misconduct complaints against U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane (Portland, Oregon) U.S. Magistrate Jacqueline S. Corley (San Francisco, California), now going before the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court Chief Judge Sidney Thomas for judicial (misconduct) reviews.

Based on federal circuit court documents, the Garvey-Sanders-Peterson havoc is (ironically) between two legislative solicitors (lobbyists) from Capitol Hill- Brad Deutsch and Cary Lee Peterson- who both shared mutual business interests in international law in the Asia-Pacific region, legalized marijuana industry (cannabis regulatory development), (officially and unofficially) endorsing and campaigning for Senator Bernard Sanders’ presidency in 2016- and were both mutual associates of an Ohio media mogul who had been doing business with Deutsch and Peterson for non-political business affairs in the media and communications industry.

Former news articles about the the Garvey-Peterson Ordeal had provided a more colorful description of the extraordinary issue in controversy (a short version of what exactly happened according to Peterson’s complaint), but Federal Judge Michael J. McShane of Portland, Oregon (who is also a subject of Peterson’s judicial complaint) called Peterson’s claims of Garvey’s tortious acts of private and pre textual prosecution and egregious interference with the administration of justice, ‘fantastic’ and ‘futile’ in (an interpolated) memorandum order of dismissal on Peterson’s civil suit for an injunction filed against Deutsch’s law firm, Gary Schubert Barer, back in March.

Consequently, Judge McShane dismissed Peterson’s complaint before any oral proceedings, claiming that his reason for doing so was because Peterson did not file a necessary court form, as a prisoner filing a civil suit under 18 U.S. Code§ 1915. However, docket records for Cary Lee Peterson v. Federal Public Defender Office of New Jersey, et al. display records that the filing of the ‘1915’ application(that Judge McShane claimed was not included) had been filed with the court at the time of Peterson’s civil complaint for injunctive relief back in March.

In addition, according to court records at the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, Peterson’s ‘Rule 60’ rebuttal to motion Judge McShane’s order for dismissal was dated June 12, 2016, and filed with the Third Circuit Court in Philadelphia on July 25, 2019 [see page 32]- but curiously, the United States District in Portland, Oregon, where Federal judge McShane is located, has yet to file (or acknowledge receipt) of Peterson’s rebuttal motion purportedly submitted to the Oregon federal courthouse almost three months ago.

The recent court filings among two the U.S. circuit courts (coast-to-coast) had disclosure that U.S. District Judge Michael McShane, a native of Pennsylvania, had/has a conflicting relationship with John Rothermich, who was formerly a court clerk for the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Third Circuit (Philadelphia), where Peterson’s appeal case remains at a standstill (deadlocked status) after nine months.

According to court and public records, Judge McShane, the first openly gay federal judge, had a ‘close non-judicial relationship’ with Rothermich, President of Portland-based nonprofit organization ‘Outside-In’- who also recently served as the principal for Garvey Schubert Barer’s Portland, Oregon brand office until about a year ago, around the time Peterson filed the first lawsuit for an injunction against Garvey Schubert Barer in New Jersey.

Furthermore, in conformation with court records in U.S. Circuit Court and SEC v. RVPlus, Inc., Judge Brian Martinotti also had/has a conflict relationship with another one of Peterson’s legal foes, (RVPlus’s attorney) Gregg Jaclin at what use to be Anslow & Jaclin LLP(Manalapan, New Jersey)- who employed attorney Kristina Trauger- a Seton Hall law graduate (like Martinotti), who had worked for Martinotti as an intern at the Superior Court of New Jersey, before he was appointed as a federal judge in 2016. Trauger was contacted for comments on the Martinotti allegations, but has yet to respond to any calls or email to NWOP’s reporter.

Meanwhile, Peterson, who remains imprisoned at FCI Sheridan (Oregon), more than two months after the requested relief for consideration for bail pending appeal was granted pursuant to his prerogative writ- abruptly was re-designated (by the Bureau of Prisons) closer to his legal foes Garvey Schubert Barer and Rothermich, than his siblings and residence in California, or his mother in Arizona pursuant to Federal Bureau of Prisons policies for assignment of prisoners- recently filed a ‘Motion for Reexamination of Impeachment-Censure Inquiry Petition on U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders for false swearing allegations respective to his Democratic loyalty pledge for 2020 presidency, made in February (similar to 2016), begotten by two federal election registrations filed between February and March- under two different political parties; ‘Democrat‘ and ‘Independent,’ as reported by NPR.

In accordance with Federal statutory law 2 U.S. Code§ 288g(b), ‘The Senate Counsel will compile and maintain legal research files of materials from court proceedings which have involved United States Congress, or any committee, subcommittee, Member, officer, or employee of Congress.’ And, ‘any public court papers and other research memoranda which do not contain information of a confidential or privileged nature shall be made available to the public.’ Consequently, this means that under mandatory Federal law, the dozen or so Federal administrative and judicial cases of the Garvey-Peterson Ordeal (including the Gotcha Evidence and the curious content between docket entry numbers ‘2’ (showing inaccurate personal data and an unexcused arrest warrant under seal from March 10, 2016), ‘4’ (showing an incorrect date of arrest), ‘5’ (showing a scheduled preliminary hearing that never was waived or took place), ‘151’ (an interpolated and uncontested Rule 29/33 motion for judgment of acquittal), ‘153’ (another uncontested motion for an injunction and protection order against damage or liability from unredacted ‘Blue Sheet data‘) and ‘171‘ (a court document filed by special 543 attorney Ari Fontecchio of Arnold & Porter for the U.S. v. Bet on Bernie criminal conviction of a political organization that never existed), and the SEC’s ex-parte joint (parties) status reported requesting a summary judgment on collateral estoppel, would (collectively) now become an interest of the United States Senate.

The Senate petition action taken by lobbyist Peterson on Senator Sanders is a superseding addition to relative legal actions in the U.S. district and circuit courts that were submitted as an interest of to the Democratic National Committee- and state officials in Vermont and New Jersey, where false swearing to the secretary of state, and soliciting or commissioning conspiracy under vicarious liability are considered a criminal offense.

Alternative news media organization Anonymous Leaks stated in a recent open letter that the judicial misconduct complaints and related Bernie Sanders drama on The Hill “will be investigated thoroughly and will definitely be a chapter” in their upcoming political documentary film production “Bern It Down”, that they announced in the news media last month.


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NWOP first began reporting on this subject matter set forth above on public integrity back in 2016. (See original podcast on Garvey-Peterson Ordeal).

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