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My van has been a great vehicle for the last four years but she is slowly falling apart. I feel like she is telling me she is tired of traveling. To make sure I get the point she has been making me replace parts some cheap and some more expensive.

I am sure if I ad up all the receipts from the time we got to my dad’s until now I more than likely could have bought a different vehicle.

I still don’t have a huge income and have found a small job that keeps my insurance paid up and being able to pay on my storage unit in PA. That I found out I am not as far behind as I thought I was but still behind.

The final bit of late is that the wiring harness is not connected up to be able to pull the trailer unless I hard wire into the lights themselves, not something I am comfortable with. The other issue is the headlights, fog lights, and turn signal lights. The headlights blow every few months due to a design flaw from the manufacturer and to replace the whole part is around $60 each. The bulbs themselves are $10 each.

Just replaced a fog light bulb today. The two pack was $9 total only to find out that one of the turn signal bulbs is burnt out and it requires removing a part of the fender to even get into it. I also have no idea what that one will cost.

Needless to say I have been looking for a different vehicle that I can tow my trailer with and maybe not have as many problems. What I have found is that most run around $3000 from private sellers that are in running condition. I did look at one on a lot but they wanted $21000 and I don’t have the credit to get a loan.

I am putting it to the Universe to help me have a new to me vehicle before the end of January so I won’t be stressed that my van will finally give up and not start. I have had to jump her three times this week and I am not sure as to why the battery is discharging so fast. I may just need a new one because it has been so cold here at my dad’s this last week.

If you know someone who would like to trade for a 2002 Chevy Venture Van, which I have the title to, for a running vehicle that is capable of towing and doesn’t have to many issues please send them my way. Again I am in Northern California for the moment.

Otherwise any amount helps as does sharing this request. I am looking for other opportunities for making money and keep putting every little bit of extra aside to be able to get a vehicle.

Thanks for reading and may the New Year be Amazing for you and yours.

AmyJo and the furkids

P.S. The Jeep photo is just one of the options I have been looking at on the Facebook Market Place.


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