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My husband Rick Carpenter was driving home from work on 10/17/17 and was in a severe motor vehicle accident. He suffered traumatic brain injuries, subarachnoid hemorrhage, bilateral frontal lobe strokes, concussions, seizures, axon shearing and was in a coma for over 48 hours. He was airlifted to St. John’s trauma center in Springfield, IL where he stayed in ICU for a week and then transferred to the neurology floor. Rick is the father of our four amazing children ages 14, 12, 9 and 4. He has been working very hard to gain back his abilities to function independently and working towards being able to return to work. We look forward to him being able to return home. Rick will continue to require extensive therapy for an indeterminate amount of time. I will be off of work for a time to help him when he returns home. We will be living off of only my income. We are not sure yet as to when he may be able to return to work as a Union Carpenter. Rick loves what he does and I know he will continue to work diligently to get back to work to be able to provide for his family. The funds donated will help us to care for our four children and continue to pay our bills. Any donations will be greatly appreciated as well as continued prayers. Prior to Rick having his accident we had a house fire in September. We were in the process of cleaning up from our house fire and moving to a new place to live. Rick continues to work hard with therapy and we are grateful for the support we have recieved.We have Christmas coming and bills to continue to pay. Any continued support will be greatly appreciated. Our family thanks you all!!!