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Ok everyone, here’s the deal. 🙂

Ryan’s brothers, Zach and Joey, are living in Trujillo Alto, PR. As I’m sure you’re aware (or maybe you’re not, because Trumpster is too busy worrying about if NFL players are kneeling or not), Hurricane Maria DEVASTATED the entire island of Puerto Rico. They are without running water, food, electricity, and basic necessities. Electricity could be out 4-6 months in most places. I’ve looked into sending them funds, but ATMS/Western Union are not an option as there’s no internet or electricity. I can’t send packages of food, because UPS can’t ship anything there – or get it to individual houses. Ryan and I decided the best (and really ONLY) option is to bring them here, at least until PR can get back up and running.

Anyone that knows me, knows I hate these fundraising campaigns. I know everyone works hard for their own money, and have their own expenses! BUT, with everyone evacuating PR, flights are extremely expensive, and hard to come by (the first available flight is still 2 weeks out). Zach and Joey will also need clothing, and daily necessities while here. They are planning on getting jobs while here, but for now, we are funding this and could use ANY bit of help you’d be willing to donate. Your generosity is SO appreciated and we love you for it. Every dollar helps, seriously.

A little background for those of you who don’t know – Zach and Joey were adopted at a young age, and went close to 10 years without communication with Ryan and the rest of the family. By pure luck, and endless letters, we were able to reconnect and found them living in Puerto Rico with their adoptive father, who has done everything possible to give them a good life. Since reconnecting, Ryan has made it a point to stay involved with the boys, and we try and visit at least once per year. Just last summer, the boys reconnected with their biological mom for the first time. Bringing this family back together has been a long (but well worth it) journey.

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