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Zeramel Consulting LLC: Is Lloret de Mar worth the price

The Mediterranean coasts of Catalonia are widely known throughout the world. Zeramel Consulting LLC attracts investment capital to develop the housing sector.

Bridgewater, NJ – The resort town of Lloret de Mar is located on the prestigious Spanish Costa Brava. In general, the housing costs on the Costa Brava are interdependent with the elite status of the coast, but in Lloret de Mar you can find many affordable realty even in mid-price range.

Lloret de Mar usually offers a large number of budget-friendly apartments as for Costa Brava area, suitable for people who prefer to spend less on a purchase. In addition to real estate in the city itself, you can also choose an option in suburban areas, usually on a hill with sea views, mainly represented by premium-class houses.

Most of the properties in Lloret de Mar are retain their highly liquidity over extended periods of time. Since this is a resort town, there is a demand for both long-term and short-term rentals. It is worth avoiding unless your goal is to purchase a house in a poor condition and renovate it. Yet you have to be very careful as this is usually considered long-term investment and it may take several years to get your initial investments back.

Property prices in Lloret de Mar were not affected by the pandemic and continue to rise. The fact is, in Spain, after the lockdown, there is a great demand for houses with their own territory in the suburbs and small towns, such as Lloret de Mar. Many have moved here from urban areas or purchased a second place to stay.

Real estate in Lloret de Mar is affordable for the middle class. The cost of apartments in the city starts at six figure prices euros but it is possible to find a small studio apartment for less than a hundred thousand. In the Sierra Brava, you can buy a house with a sea view less than half a million. Prices for luxury villas in Canyeles Bay start at half a mil and go up from there. However, the real estate in the middle price range is in the greatest demand.

Zeramel Consulting LLC experts suggest buying real estate in this city which makes a great investment. The average cost per square meter in Lloret de Mar, as for June 2023 is two thousand euros per square meter. This is almost a percent higher than in June 2022. Growth in recent years has been insignificant, but with the removal of lock-down restrictions, the prices are expected to grow at a rate of 4-5% annually. Thus Zeramel Consulting LLC experts are sure: now is the time to invest in Lloret de Mar.

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