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my love I hope you’ll get this Message ️‍please please please the girls in the pictures need you hey I need you help give them some of your Advice thay last thay mom At a early age Due murder.an seen ever part of the murder right in front of they eyes the Predator Attacking my sister my Nieces we back behind the couch look at him .an right today thay have to love with it help me make a Sunday trip for them…….. I’m James Lewis a 35-year-old black male from Alabama . And a great members of the ️‍community . just a little bit about me I moved from Miami Florida and 1990 to Alabama when I was four years old .moving to Alabama wasn’t not good for the family.

My mom had various issues taken care of Me an 4others with no daddy.leaving behind three sibilance because of my mom wasn’t about to take care of all of us so as we move to Alabama my mom had complication with drugs and other issues and then we were placed in a foster home we moved from foster home to foster home hoping that .mom will come back around and be in our life . my oldest siblings they was left behind in Florida With other family .Then as we get older we start making decisions on our own . As we got bigger and moving from foster home to foster home then we turn 19 an move back with mom. She is still doing the something.so now we going though this again. So when I tuned 19 I got in to Trouble and end up going to jail for robbery 1st stills in the County jail for 2yr then off to Prison 10yr in prison at 19yr old was a just a little to much for me with no family there to call on or no one to call on when I need someone to talk to.

So now I’m doing my time in prison Wondering where I go from here as time go by i we still looking for a way out of what I got my in to now 2yr go by still no one to call on . In 2007 I got a call from my family why I’m in jail say that my sister just have got Murder the men come to Robb her but my sister put yo a. Fight for her life Leaving behind three beautiful girls who when there Mother get murdered in cold blood.then an time goon I Get released from prison in 2009 then good work Trying to make ends meet but it was head coming out of prison look for a job could not foo a job no where then 2011 hit We lose a second sister too Crack cocaine Leave behind two girls and one boy so I’m saying to myself god god what is going on here can you just tell me … an now my sister have 8Kids in the house with no mother soo all she can to be there for them like that momma would so god talk to me so now I’m Praying and praying to make a way so I got job I work there for 8 months Lose my job there then go to another job then get put back in jail for six months get back out and ran into my job I have today and I’ve been here going on three years as a black bi African-American it is hard but god Bless me with a good job now I travel the world and our remodel in stores trying to make a living to help family an it is hard for me some time to pay my bill but I go it to god . I hope this message reaches you and touch you to to help Can u please please please help me to make a good summer for them



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