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Turning everyday people into works of incredible fantasy art ,while promoting a positive and creative outlook. In this world you can be anything you want to. Become a sponsor, send your photos ,then become art all while getting published in our first Beautiful America Art Book

Become a sponsor, send your photos ,then become art all while getting published in our first Beautiful America Art Book

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For the last 10 years I have been creating all types of Fantasy Art. Such as calendars ,art books, print work and clothing, using both models and non models, with many people asking how can I do that, I would love to have artwork like that done?. Well now we have it.

The previous problem being many of the people who have wanted to work with me are several states away or in another country. Normally I shoot my own photos then create the edits. This time you will be able to upload your photos from anywhere to have a piece created as a sponsor.

In a world that has become unhappy and anti so many things, art helps bring a smile to many people. To watch the transformation from a normal picture into something beautiful. Art is meant as a creation, take a photo , piece of paper or other medium and create something different , appealing and exciting to the eye.

For some it is beauty on land, sea or air, for others it is to become a creature of nightmares. Riding into battle as a warrior or becoming a superhero to allow your imagination to be free, you can be whatever you want in fantasy art.


So for the first time ever, (our most unique perk) I will be doing a 1st edition art book/magazine of everyday people all over the world being turned into fantasy art called Beautiful America. There will be a limited number of pages, if we exceed this a second edition will be added.

So not only will you get a stunning digital art edit creation from your own photo but you will also be in our first Beautiful America Art Book!.


Who we can edit:

Pretty much anybody, as long as it is legal and not deliberately offensive

1 person per photo, or sponsor a couples edit with maximum of two people in the same photo

photos with pets in them are not extra,we like critters and yes we can edit them as well.



General idea of what you like: Choose from the below

This will make it easier to decide how to edit your photos,






Gothic Horror



Superhero- which one

Surprise me

A Few guidelines :

Once you become a sponsor you will be contacted with a email address to send the photos to.

We ask you send 3 different photos with 300 dpi , one of which will be used in large format to create your image.

We will accept cellphone pics for this ,however they have to be at least large format and 300 dpi

all photos must be clear and in focus.


The biggest challenge is to make this a art positive project , without art the world would be just black,white and blah, time to colorize and create. This is a way to give everyone the opportunity to show their true self , done in a very creative form as well as be published in the book.


This project will take about 1-2 months to complete as edits can take anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours to finish depending on the type chosen and if freehand drawing will be added in after as well.

Pictures sent in early enough will be posted as updates as we work on them so sponsors can see actual progress.




If you are not the photographer, or have used a professional photographer you must have permission to have them edited. We will not be liable for any unauthorized use. By sending us the photos you are verifying you have permission to use /have photos edited.

If you are having pictures done for your child you must be the parent /legal guardian, by sending photos you are agreeing that you are.

No offensive photos we have the right to refuse any image we deem that way.

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