Alliance for Digital Equality Launches Boston Digital Empowerment Council to Examine Broadband Deployment Impact on Underserved Communities

2008-08-19 12:00:00

    50-Member Local Council Established - 6th Location In 23-City Campaign

    BOSTON, Aug. 19 /EMWNews/ -- Today, The Alliance for

Digital Equality (ADE), hosted an Executive Presentation at The Boston

Globe headquarters to discuss the potential socio-economic impact of

affordable broadband deployment in the areas of job creation, public

health, public safety, urban and economic development and educational

advancement. The event, attended by various civic, religious, business and

education leaders, marks the launch of the Boston Digital Empowerment

Council (DEC).


    "Our society is in the midst of a profound technology and

communications revolution. This so-called 'digital revolution' is

transforming the nation's economic, social, political and cultural

landscapes," said Julius H. Hollis, Chairman of The Alliance for Digital

Equality. "Over the next 18 months, The Alliance will lead the charge to

bring fair-minded policies into play, ensuring that broadband remains

affordable so that the newest online users have continued access and that

the last ones on aren't the first ones off." Hollis added that "this

arrival into Boston marks the beginning of our second tour of grassroots

organizing -- adding 18 municipalities to our national reach after having

successfully established Councils in five other major metropolitan areas."

    The Alliance formally introduced the formation of the 50-member Boston

Digital Empowerment Council (DEC) which has been launched to examine the

impact of broadband access on the local community. The Boston DEC is part

of The Alliance's nationwide initiative that advocates for increased

broadband access, especially in urban and underserved communities.

Previously, The Alliance has launched Councils in Charleston, South

Carolina, Houston, Texas, Detroit, Michigan, Miami, Florida and Atlanta,


    Texas Senator Rodney Ellis, an Alliance Board Member, outlined

successful strategies developed by the DEC for his home district of

Houston, Texas. Also presenting today were noted broadband expert Dr.

Jabari Simama of Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina and Dr.

Earlexia Norwood of The Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan.

    "The key to expanding opportunities for all communities is through

digital empowerment," said Alliance Executive Director BMaynard

Scarborough, who served as The Boston Globe's Director of Public Affairs

prior to joining the Atlanta, Georgia-based organization. "Educating

communities about the value of broadband technology and pursuing policies

at all levels of government that ensure equal access to cutting edge

technologies, products and services that can empower all communities

regardless of race, ethnicity, or income."

    As part of its mission of "empowering communities across the digital

divide," The Alliance will continue to bring together elected officials,

consumers and the business community to educate minority communities about

the importance, as well as benefits, of broadband usage. This national

effort will continue in cities across the country to ensure that all

Americans -- regardless of their race, ethnicity or income -- are empowered

to join the digital revolution.

    About The Alliance for Digital Equality-Founded in 2007, The Alliance

for Digital Equality is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization that

serves to facilitate and ensure equal access to technology in underserved

communities. The Alliance also serves as a bridge between policymakers and

minority individuals in order to help the public understand how legislative

and regulatory policies regarding new technologies can impact and empower

their daily lives. For more information on The Alliance for Digital

Equality, please visit

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