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Autumn Fox’s Journey To Fix Her Broken Heart GoFundME ViralExposure.Co Campaign

Hi my name is Nicole as some of you may know my daughter Autumn Fox was born on 08/08/2018 of this year with multiple health issues such as a grade 4 brain bleed on the right side and grade 1 on her left side as well as 18p deletion and trisomy 20 and on top of all that she is having heart issues and more than likely will have to have a heart transplant  which is what landed her in Shands of Gainesville where she is in the cardiovascular icu on the 10th floor and it may take six months to a year to get her a heart if not longer so I’m  uncertain of when my precious angel may get to come home.

I have had to close my business due to all her medical issues and would do it a thousand times over but during the last four months I have exhausted all my savings and I hate to ask for anything from anybody because I feel guilty about it but it has gotten to a point that I am in a place I thought I would never be in and a place I hope any of you guys ever have to be in as well so any thing that you guys could donate would truly be a blessing and would help improve her quality of life by having her mommy by her side!
Thanks, Nicole


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/autumns-foxs-journey

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