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Well back in May I started having episodes of sever vertigo, the first episode lasted 4 days doctor gave me meds ( that didn’t work ) so I suffered for 4 days in bed ( missing work I used sick time )

Then in June I had another episode of vertigo that also lasted 4 days ( but I fought through it because I didn’t want to miss anymore work, Took the meds and still no help from them,

Then in July I had a planned vacation to Destin FL, to sit on the beach for a few days, we had everything ready to go dogs included, and you guessed it BAM the day before another sever episode of Vertigo, this time it lasted for 6 days.

I was going to cancel but that wasn’t fair to Tim so he drove us there, the entire time my head spun, and I was nauseous the entire time, I stayed in my hotel room for 4 days because I was so sick I couldn’t get out of the bed, Ruined my once a year vacation

Then in August I start another episode of REALLY sever Virtigo, ( SO I THOUGHT )
This time Tim takes me to a specialist, The best ENT in Lafayette and I’m in a full blown episode at this point,  spinning, throwing up, JUST MISERABLE,
He immediately rules out VERTIGO!

Well he says, Ruling BASIC VERTIGO OUT IS not a good thing, BECAUSE that means it’s ether  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), Or
ménière’s disease
The BPPV wouldn’t be so bad, it’s treatable

Ménière’s disease Isn’t at this point, But let’s get you set up with TEST to make sure what’s happening,

I had to be completely symptom free to have the test give the right Answers, So I have new meds, plus a very strong dose of Steroids, the entire time back at work ( ALMOST TWO WEEKS ) the symptoms finally elevate and I go for the test,


That was a week ago,
I’ve been in a full blown episode ever since, sometimes I just sit and cry because it’s so bad, or running to the bathroom to vomit, or laying in bed in the dark with cold compress on my head,
The meds help a little but they don’t stop it from happening,
So now I’ve missed so much work,
I’m on FMLA ( short term disability)
Which I’ll only receive a % of my pay,
I already lived paycheck to paycheck,
I was on track to fixing my credit getting old things off my Credit report and getting a credit card to rebuild what’s been a mess for years,

I turned 50 in May, and figured I need to get in control of things NOW, Because you never know what’s going to come your way

Well I didn’t think I’d become disabled NOW, BUT ITS HAPPENING

IM NOT A BEGGER, I’ve worked all my life very hard, I’ve never had it easy, and now I need some help,
If you can find it in your heart ❤️ to help me keep my bills payed, and food on my table I’d appreciate you to the moon and back,

I just have no were else to turn now, we won’t be able to make it on Tims income and what ever I’ll get from disability insurance ( thank god I at least have that )
So please if you can help with a dollar or two or anything at all

Thank you for even just reading my plight and my struggle



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