Bipolar & Severe Depression Help

Hello, I am a divorced father of one. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, severe depression, suicidal tendencies, and severe anxiety. Its a daily struggle, and I am seeking the help of doctors and attempting to get back into therapy.
Due to those facts I am having a very hard time landing and keeping a job. I have been searching for anything available, even outside of my Degree Program of Information technology. I am applying for anything the could pay the bills.
I hate asking for handouts, but currently I have very little money to my name and may have to start selling off personal possessions, including some of my son’s. I am starting this fund just to be able to support myself until I can get back on my feet or find an alternative such as disability.
I am not just begging for free money here, everything donated goes toward helping get my life back on track again. I am paying $650 per month out of pocket just to keep my health insurance going until I can get on a state plan. The insurance, the house, the groceries, everything is bleeding me dry cut by cut. And each little cut makes the depression and anxiety worse.
Bankruptcy may be my next option unless things turn around. I do want to add that I continue to run this campaign so that others who may need help find the resources and know that there are other people out there, suffering just like them, who want them to come forward with their own stories.
I cannot offer anything in return for your donation, save for a personalized thank you note if you provide me with your information.
If anyone can help, in any way, you have no idea how appreciative I would be. If nothing else, please share this with your network of friends and family – it doesn’t cost you a dime and just possibly there may be someone out there willing and able to help.
I thank you for your time in reading this and considering supporting my cause.

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