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Black Conservatives Music Festival GoFundMe Campaign ViralExposure.us

The purpose is to raise funds for the Black Conservative Task Force Music Festival. An outreach to the predominantly African American community who are becoming more politically active and walking away from the Democratic Party.

Plans for two major events in California and Boston are underway. The Festival is designed to bring people together and register them to vote. This effort will be fun, informative and inspirational. All are welcome but time is of the essence.

How funds will will be spent?
Black Conservative Task Force or BCTF will administer funds through a legal client trust account to pay for social media marketing on all relevant platforms, print posters, flyers, order t-shirts, radio spots, and Other marketing necessities. Funds will also hire sound engineers, sound enforcement equipment, private security, pay for event insurance, secure national and international talent and secure all permits and legal cost.

We don’t discriminate against any group even those that disagree with us, but security will be strictly enforced, and there will be zero tolerance for agitators or troublemakers!

Volunteers will be recruited to help manage various outreaches within this Festival’s scope.
For volunteer information please email us your contact information and skill set.

Black Conservative Task Force…We love our God, Family, and Country.
We are neither Reputation nor Democrat. Our vote goes to whoever uphold our values!


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/black-conservatives-music-festival

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