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On Saturday evening June 17,2017 Bob began having some chest pains. As with many of us, the signs were ignored thinking simply a bad case of indigestion. In a short time Bob came into the living room telling me (his wife Suzi) he needed to go to the hospital. The pain on his face was scary and I drove hime to a hospital about 30 minutes away. He was admitted to the ER and tests were taken. He was trying to have a heart attack but the EKG showed nothing. After 2 hours he was taken by ambulance to Enloe Hospital in Chico CA. On the way Bob was reassured he was being taken to the best place in the area with the best physicians possible. Bob was admitted to the ER sometime around midnight. More tests, pokes & probing he was finally seen by the lead Cardiologist at 5 AM. Tests showed that indeed Bob was having a massive heart attack. Into surgery a couple of hours later for a stent and more tests. Diagnosis was 100% blockage of the main artery that supplies the bottom of the heart. In lay man’s term, the bottom half of Bob’s heart was without blood for about 10 hours. Damage was done and now Bob is unable to work. He is positive in his recovery but still life goes on. We are self employed so our star worker is out. Bob had just been approved for VA health care but it is up in the air as to who will pay how much, if any. There is a chance we will have to pay the entire bill that is mounting quickly. We had no health insurance being one of those families that fell through the cracks. Bob now has to take prescribed medications that will cost about $550 per month. As I said life goes on and now we have lost the use of a vehicle, Bob’s truck is having some kind of computer problems. We have tried to help all those we could as we came through life. We hope you can see yourself helping us a bit; small or big. Thank you all who can.
Update: July 7, 2017 We updated our goal with receiving the first bill from first emergency department. It was a lot bigger than expected. Coming in at $21000 with an ambulance ride, a second emergency dept., The procedure and 4 days in the hospital we are going to get buried! Please help any amount will help no matter how small!

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