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Hey all, my name is Brandon Western and I’m the middle school STEM teacher at Celebration K8 in Osceola county. When I was a kid, I loved taking things apart, seeing how they worked, and then attempting to create my own contraptions. All of this was done without educational support.

The classes I teach are designed to engage all students and help them become the builders and innovators of tomorrow.

My goal this year is to expand on their curriculum and create the first ever Celebration MakerSpace… which is a place that students can imagine, prototype, create, build, and finalize anything their minds can imagine.

To do this requires supplies. Some cheap, some expensive, some everyday materials. Many of the students who will join the makerspace will be my students who have taken automation and robotics, and will want to expand on their knowledge.

I have created an amazon wish list to show where any funds I receive would go.

I always put my own money towards the class and will always continue to do so, but as you know, teachers aren’t millionaires! Any funds you could donate to the class would be so worth it.

You can always check our stem website or stem twitter account to see some of your items that you help purchase being put to use!!!!

Our website is:
Twitter account: @celebrationstem

Please support this campaign at

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