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Let me introduce myself my name is Liliana.  I am here to ask everyone to help me open my Dance/ Fitness Studio because I am financially challenged at the moment.  I have  to come up with $630 asap to secure the place. I will need to come up with an additional 3,500 to move in. I truly love everything about fitness.

It all started when I took a cycling class at the Y.M.C.A. where I asked an instructor how I can become a certified instructor. I became certified and taught a variety of classes which included cycling, pilates, boot camp, flexibility, Zumba, and my absolute favorite exotic dance. I also trained clients one on one helping them achieve their fitness goals. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reach my dream goal of having my own studio where I can help people feel good and sexy and completely love the way they look and feel about themselves.

There are a lot of men and women out there feeling ashamed about their bodies. My goal is to change that. Everyone is welcomed this will be a judgment-free environment and there will be a variety of instructors and classes to choose from because variety is the spice of life. I also want to mention that in 2006 I joined Team in Training where I raised money for a little boy with leukemia. I’m also very proud to let everyone know that was able to raise the funds and went over the require goal to help this little boy in need.

In return i was able to run the marathon in Disney World Florida, afterwards, I met with my team members for an amazing spaghetti dinner. I also was able to Enjoy Disney World with my family. My long time dream is to have my Dance/Fitness Studio. Unfortunately, due to my financial problems I’m not able to continue my long life dream. I just recently lost my car because of car problems.

The estimate the mechanic gave me was too costly to repair. I’m having a really hard time getting around . I am a freelance Portuguese interpreter. In order to do my job i need a car to go to my assignments. I’m usually a go-getter, but depression has got the best of me. I am tired of crying every day.

Every day I visualize myself in my studio doing what I love. I get so sad inside that I’m not able to reach my dream due to my financial challenges. I wonder why I can’t be a successful person. Please help me reach my dream and put back a smile on my face.

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