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$ave my Work in Art Sport The Emotion Flow Fin GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

Dear People Everywhere ,  Thank you, everyone , for taking the time to read my story.  Hopefully, I can persuade you to donate a few Dollars to someone in need !! My name is  L. Mike Kelley and I am now 65 years old, ( with   high blood pressure & a slight Heart condition that Bayer aspirin helps ) .  Since 1975 I have been involved in some very advanced  projects such as  Google:”The Emotion Flow Fin” which is a hydraulic analog computer which has been an incredible advancement in surfing and windsurfing revolutionizing the future of surfing sports !!

Feel free to check out the technology of the “Emotion Flow Fin” in our YouTube video


Other projects that I have worked on and been involved with are

Google: “Emotion Skateboard Wheels”


Google: “The Emotion Airship”


During my path to the development of these projects, I had suffered a great setback once my Mother became ill with cancer. To maintain a comfortable end of life for her I   hired a live-in nurse to manage her pain ,  that I had to pay out of pocket for all of My Mother s   medication and morphine shots which set me back over $48,500 !

Check out her memories and life here


Some time has passed and I have refocused my energy to keep busy and to continue working on the projects mentioned above, thru Oct. 2016 .   My Goal is to get my inventions to market, in order to do this, I need to re-Edit my website emotionsports.com by a Pro Web-Designer , purchase further inventory and construction materials, repair the company van, and to commission my lawyer to continue to Legally Protect all My Emotion Co.s Legal Assets like Our MGF.ering Tooling & Trade Secrets ,    and to also engage in Financing Part 2 of My YouTube.com:”Emotion Flow Fin” Promo Film , plus also Build a “Emotion Surf Team” to Pump Up potential Pre-Orders $!!

I have suffered many setbacks on my own path to success and am requesting a little assistance from kind people like yourself who can spare a few Dollars to see a man fulfill his lifes work and dreams. Please Note: I have  $aved.00 many People in Need before & I am hoping You-All will be In$pired to $Help.00 me now too $!!  If you cannot donate please share my story within your social circles. Perhaps someone you know is willing to donate or even share further.

Thanks plus Smiles & Rainbows To You and Yours,
L. Mike Kelley
Owner of emotionsports.com

For more info: http://GoFundMe.com: “L. Mike Kelley”

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