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Eastnets Unveils SafeTrade: Next-Generation Solution to Combat Trade-Based Financial Crime

Eastnets has announced the launch of SafeTrade to revolutionize the battle against Trade-Based Financial Actitivities

Dubai, United Arab Emirates May 30, 2024 ( – Eastnets, a global leader in financial crime and compliance solutions, is proud to announce the launch of SafeTrade, a comprehensive platform designed to tackle the growing threat of Trade-Based Money Laundering (TBML) by leveraging insights from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Typologies and Risk Indicators in Trade-based Financial Crime report.

The scourge of global money laundering, particularly through trade channels, demands innovative solutions. With estimates of Trade-Based Money Laundering losses in the trillions, there’s an urgent need for proactive measures to protect financial institutions and their customers. Eastnets SafeTrade represents a pivotal step forward in this endeavor, providing a robust framework to detect and prevent illicit funds flows.

Speaking on the significance of this announcement, the Spokesperson of Eastnets, emphasized, “As financial crime becomes increasingly sophisticated, institutions must stay ahead of the curve. ” The spokesperson also said, “SafeTrade offers a comprehensive suite of tools powered by the latest insights from the FATF Typologies and Risk Indicators report.”

Eastents SafeTrade offers a range of key features designed to combat all the Trade-Based Financial Crimes effectively. These include Single-platform Integration, which seamlessly brings together watch-lists, vessel tracking, and document digitization into one interface, streamlining monitoring efforts and enhancing operational efficiency. Additionally, SafeTrade provides Continuous Screening, ensuring round-the-clock monitoring to cover prolonged trade-finance transactions, thereby maintaining compliance at all times. Leveraging advanced technologies such as OCR, NLP, and NLU, Document Digitization automates the classification and extraction of information from trade documents, reducing manual effort and enhancing accuracy. Moreover, SafeTrade employs sophisticated data sets and cross-referencing capabilities to reduce false positives, enabling more precise detection of suspicious transactions and enhancing overall risk management capabilities.

Eastnets SafeTrade empowers financial institutions to more confidently distinguish between illegal and legitimate trade, receive real-time alerts to suspicious activity, and seamlessly comply with international standards and regulatory requirements. With minimal configuration and rapid implementation, Eastnets ensures that clients can effectively combat Trade Based Financial Crimes while avoiding heavy fines for non-compliance.

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