Family Reunification

I, Rumbi Chinhamhora, was reunited with two of my three children who spent the previous two years in a refugee camp in Botswana while I was in the U.S. working to get them here. Below is a link to my story from the Des Moines Register.

The reason for starting this campaign is to reunite my family here, in the United States. My oldest child is still in Africa. He has been separated from us for too long and now we are trying to bring him back. Being a single mother, I am working hard to save everywhere possible to purchase the tickets to fly to Zimbabwe in order to bring my son home. The good news is I have already paid all the medical check-ups for his immunizations.

Thus far, I had not asked for help from anyone, as I believe in taking care of my own responsibilities. I feel a great sense of urgency do to his unexpected notification of an interview date that has been in the works for the seven years! However, I still need about $4,630.00. This will help cover the cost of two tickets and the administrative fees that will be incurred by bringing Uday home.

We have never lived together but my youngest son said the most heart breaking thing a son could ever ask.

I asked him a New Years question: ” what is your 2018 prayer request?”

His answer: “I am praying to God to give my mom a job, so she can bring my older brother to America”

I asked: “Why do you need your older brother here so bad?”

His answer was well thought out. “I would like to know what it feels like to be loved by someone who is not a girl. Mom is a girl. Pam is a girl. I have never been loved by anyone who is not a girl, except for God and Jesus. If my older Brother comes, I can experience the love of someone who is not a girl and do cool stuff with him I have never had the chance to do because my family has girls only! Someone to take me to soccer games and other school activities you cannot take me to because you are always busy! That is my New Year Resolution – pray harder, so my mom gets a job and my big brother comes to America!”

My prayer is that He grows up to be a wonderful man despite being raising in a home without a male figure and with females only, but if I can; (With your help) I am going to do everything in my power to get his brother here!

Thank you for taking the time to read my request and any help is greatly appreciated