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Faster and More Reliable, New Options for Waterproof Connectors used in Ventilators

SHENZHEN, CHINACNLINKO YM Series Industrial Connectors Suitable for Ventilator. Medical equipment is known for its strict standards and good quality. Where the reliability and durability of the components used, including the industrial connectors that provide the power connection, are subject to stringent requirements.

YM Series Connectors Support Ventilator Connections

Ventilator due to the working environment of water, corrosion and other influencing factors, at the same time, its quality and reliability of the patient’s safety and health, and therefore the respiratory machine more use of circularl connectors to undertake the electrical connection.

Advantages of YM series connectors

1.Strong corrosion resistance, matching medical

YM series industrial connector is an all-plastic circular connector, which is made of F1 grade outdoor engineering plastic and coupled together in a tight connection to make it more anticorrosive, and it can resist salt spray for over 48H, which can resist the corrosive effects of disinfectant and medicinal substances in the medical environment.

2. High waterproof, safe connection

With years of accumulated professional waterproof technology as the backbone, CNLINKO’s industrial connectors are built with high waterproof performance. At present, the standard protection level is IP65/IP67, and IP68 is optional, which can effectively avoid the intrusion of all kinds of water and other liquids into the connector during the medical process.

3.Firm connection, refusing to come loose

CNLINKO’s YM series waterproof connector adopts the screw bayonet connection with higher reliability,which makes the connection firm and stable.


CNLINKO is a national high-tech enterprise and a national specialized “small giant” enterprise focusing on the research, development and production of industrial connectors. CNLINKO has long adhered to the original research and development, independent branding, and high-end quality positioning, which makes CNLINKO products have great popularity in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.


As one of the drafters of the industry standard, CNLINKO has participated in the drafting of the standard of “High Voltage Shore Connection System (HVSC System) Plugs, Sockets and Marine Couplers Part 1: General Requirements”, which is the standard of the marine industry, and has strict requirements for waterproofing.For further information about CNLINKO:https://bit.ly/LinkoYM24


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