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Federal Employee Community Assistance Effort GoFundME Campaign

This campaign effort is an attempt to assist the federal employees most affected by the shutdown in the state of Alabama. My goal is to raise enough to cover their normal salary for a month.

During this shutdown, there are thousands of families that don’t know when their paychecks will come back. No matter which side of the aisle your on, this shut down needs to end. There are 5,494 federal employees just in the state of Alabama that are affected by this.

Not just them but their families are affected as well. I’m proposing a goal of $33,000,000. That total will cover all Alabama federal employees for a months worth of pay. I feel that this is the right thing to do. We must come together as a community help our fellow American in  their time of need. Please consider giving what you can. Any amount will help the cause. Every cent will go to the families that need it.

I am contacting my state governor and my district representative and will drive to Montgomery if need be to meet with them in person to make sure this campaign goes to them. If the government opens before we reach our goal, all donations will be returned unless you state otherwise.

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