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From Plane to Train: Cubic Successfully Links Heathrow Express and London Underground Ticketing Systems in New Heathrow Terminal 5


Cubic Corporation

2008-04-08 04:30:00

From Plane to Train: Cubic Successfully Links Heathrow Express and London Underground Ticketing Systems in New Heathrow Terminal 5

LONDON and SAN DIEGO, CA–( EMWNews – April 8, 2008) – Cubic Corporation (AMEX: CUB), the

world’s leading provider of automated fare collection systems for public

transport, has developed technology to enable passengers, for the first

time, to use one ticket issuing facility for travel by their chosen route

from Heathrow to anywhere within the London region. This new fare system

integration for Heathrow Express and London Underground has been

operational in Heathrow Airport’s new Terminal 5 train station since March


“Heathrow International Airport already serves millions of air travellers

each day from all corners of the earth, and the number of travellers will

nearly double with the new Terminal 5,” said Steve Shewmaker, European

managing director for Cubic Transportation Systems Limited, Cubic’s United

Kingdom subsidiary. “Until now, there has been one ticketing system for

Heathrow Express and another system for the London Underground. Merging

the two makes it faster and easier for air travellers to purchase their

tickets for transport to and from London. Cubic’s system is at the very

heart of this capability.”

At Terminal 5, the attended Heathrow Express ticket office is capable of

serving customers requiring tickets for either rail company from one

ticketing system, making it easier for travellers new to London to decide

how they wish to travel into the heart of the capital. Equally, for the

experienced traveller, the unattended machines are collocated, allowing

passengers to make rapid purchases to meet their needs. Finally, for those

using OysterTM pay-as-you-go, London Underground customers can go straight

to the platform, or purchase nonstandard tickets using their card from the

ticket office or unattended machine.

Cubic’s Terminal 5 work began in 2005, when BAA, which owns and operates

seven airports in the United Kingdom, including Heathrow, awarded a £3.3

million contract to develop the Terminal 5 solution. Cubic achieved a

major milestone last year when it delivered all of the system hardware on

time: 15 automatic Ticket Vending Machines, seven Ticket Office Machines,

and six Wide-Aisle Gates. The Ticket Vending Machines are a new design

meeting the latest public-use requirements. The Ticket Office Machines

build on Cubic’s award-winning FasTIS product deployed widely in the UK to

Train Operating Companies. Heathrow Express has chosen to upgrade all its

other Ticket Vending Machines and Ticket Office Machines to the Terminal 5


Cubic has been working to integrate London Underground and Heathrow Express

ticketing infrastructure. This has involved considerable innovation on

back-office and network capability to ensure that the two organisations’

systems worked coherently and securely. The installation and integration

were completed in good time for passenger services to commence on March 27.

“This is an interesting project to have delivered,” said Andy Moore, the

Terminal 5 project manager for Cubic Transportation Systems Limited.

“Terminal 5 is a prestigious site demanding a quality solution to meet

complex demands. Cubic appreciates being able to work with its

long-standing customers to develop a solution to meet their needs.”

Cubic Corporation is the parent of two major segments: transportation and

defense. Cubic Transportation Systems is the world’s leading full-service

systems provider of automated fare collection systems for public transport

including bus, bus rapid transit, light rail, commuter rail, heavy rail,

ferry and parking. Every year, nearly 10 billion rides are taken worldwide

using Cubic fare collection systems. Cubic Transportation Systems has

delivered over 400 automated fare collection projects in 40 major markets

on five continents, and offers security solutions developed specifically

for public transportation infrastructure. The Cubic Defense Applications

group is a world leader in realistic combat training systems, mission

support services and defense electronics. For more information about

Cubic, please visit

David Liddle
[email protected]

Jan Stevens

Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92123

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