Funeral for Tomrna GoFundMe Campaign Booster

Tomena unexpectedly passed away on Dec. 29, 2019. With no means to pay for the funeral arrangements we are asking for some help. Tomena was a loving wife and mother. On the morning of Dec. 29 Tomena’s blood sugar dropped and the ambulance was called. On the way to the hospital her heart stopped and she could not be resuscitated.

The hospital called my dad and sister and told them that there was an emergency and that they need to come up to the hospital. Upon their arrival they were told that she had passed away. Due to her having Type 1 Diabetes she could not get life insurance until she was 45, being that she was only 44 she didn’t have it.

So we are asking for any help and I mean any help with help. We are looking at right at $6000 for her funeral. Even if you can’t donate money please please share. The more we get this out there the better.

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