Game Theory Find myself without drama GoFundME Campaign

Its impossible to walk away when the door is open for another episode of waste of time. Ive always been depending on a guy even though he tries to run away making me look and feel like nothing. So here i am hoping for ways to hurry on and find people that can support me so i can work on something i build my passion on (even though i get carried away and committed crimes accidentally) and help all around from it all and hopefully find the meaning to why i live on this planet.

I do gamble a lot online but hope not to use the money for people to lose hope in what they expect from me so id like to know the reasons to what they are supporting. I wish to make my time as meaningful as possible and hope to win the game of the universe and teach the meaning to others before the soul suffers as one when we can be all balanced and become a perfect planet  that we all used to be or a perfect star that is set to be. I want to be all i can be, and seeing it all makes me wonder.

Are we really who we think we are? are we even here on Earth? Are we honest that we respect the meaning of the beliefs we claim and gave back and sacrificed enough to be living and breathing and being a infection that is impossible to get rid of until we are cured as an individual, as a whole, and as a society. Is it wrong to kill? is it wrong to do drugs? is it wrong to believe in all possibilities of all realities come to an end and back to their beginning until this message says WE NEED EACH OTHER .

So how do we do that? if this world on earth is open for meaning to what it looks like when the game of the reasons are there to make us open up to who we are. The teams arewritin and the choice is yours to solve. The game in the order of the roots you can remember from dreams to reality , to feelings to emotions,  to the rule of the land. “My land is your land” will hopefully be focused to not just who you are, but the understanding of what you claim to remember who you are from the stars before its too late, the world leaves the root that only finds self  to hopefully be saved in time when the world ends.

The soul of the universe is there to understand, and being a part of it is leaving us to find a plan. what is USA? how did the world start? Well when the light sparks a meaning to finding, then chase begins till the end, the order comes back into time where the reflection of the start comes to pieces. And this we see seasons, we see art, and we see stories in the life that holds time for meaning and see each one as they go take over and forget, the world is in our hands when the world is waiting for you to make a move. chess game in the air has no way to turn if time is there only to shield you from evil. i see no evil, but i understand the order, time is running out.

You only know the truth, the reasons why your here. and I’m here calling asking for help to find rhythm and flow to wherei stand and team up to from one end to the other from morning to dawned beyond everlasting to see if anyone sees like me. wish to say more, but the focus is to find where you all stand to see what move i should make to even try to make my game be remembered. Please before i sober up, time will bring me back to the life of being a dumb robot that cannot see, and is blind from freedom. i want to bring up the world and open the answers to the game we all play and make a movement to change what is to become when time runs out.

this is for all meaning
need the funds now to move, then ill work and get loaded to awaken the spiritual side of me to call for help to the ones thats calling.

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