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Hi there 🙂 the reason why am asking for this amount of money is because I loved a girl , I really liked her but her parents wanted her to marry another guy I was new here my sister lived with me and I was taking care of here so I had no money, what I did is that I went to someone and took this amount of money from him and I married her ☺️ after we got married she got sick and she had to quit her job and get treated… I work but my money is not enough to feed us and pay all the bills we have, my family is back home they ran from isis and I should be helping them but… The bank doesn’t give me a loan cuz my credit is bad and even my car is bad I don’t know what am gonna do And now the person who gave me the money is asking for his money and I really have nothing, all I have is 4$ in my pocket (God knows) so if you could help me with anything I will be thankful forever & I know that God will never leave my side ☺️ Thank You.

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