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I am a transgender man who educates others about transgender topics in education and who advocates for equitable opportunities and nurturance for transgender and gender non-binary and gender diverse students in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, and society at large. I provide professional development to teachers and administrators, clergy, health care professionals, and other organizations around topics of gender identity and expression in school, home, work, and life and mentor other transgender persons. I have a Ph.D. in Education from Texas State University.

I am a part of several organizations in Texas that work to advance the position of transgender persons in society. I am Chair of the Board for Transgender Education Network of Texas and Vice-President for PFLAG San Marcos. I also am a board member for GLSEN-Austin.

I received the Texas State University 2016 Excellence in Diversity Award and the Texas State University 2015 Michael Wilkerson Service to the LGBTQIA community Award.

I present locally, nationally, and internationally on my research around the inclusion of transgender students in K-20 Education and on my own personal experience with transition and family, faith, education, and leadership, and I write about equity and social justice from a transgender perspective. (

An article about my transgender journey by Xander Peters from the Magazine Bobcat Fans:

A documentary video about my transgender journey by Nathan Manske of the non-profit I’m From Driftwood:

An article for which I was interviewed in The Guardian (Bill Maher re-posted it when it came out):

A KEYE TV interview for which I was interviewed:

An interview for a multicultural Adult Education class with Dr. Clarena Larrotta at Texas State University:

An opportunity to support my campaign to raise funds for my next surgery in my transition process by buying a t-shirt:

I appreciate all my family and friends and allies who support me in prayer, faith, friendship and advocacy. Your monetary contributions do not go unnoticed. I love you all and know this is a big sacrifice for you. I will be applying for The Jim Collins Foundation Surgery Fund to cover the cost, as well, so just a dollar makes a difference, as the foundation likes to see that recipients have a support network and are making efforts to raise funds on their own, too.

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