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GoFundme Stem cell help with Osteoarthritis

I have growing arthritis in my neck,spine, hips and knees. I need to raise this money for stem cell treatment at the stem cell institute of Panama, in Panama City, Panama. The cost is 34,500 for the treatment and I need about $2000.00 above that for airfare and vaccinations and food while I’m in Panama. The trip is 7 days total; fly in spend 5 days in treatment, and fly out the day after that. I have worked for almost 21 years in the Law Enforcement community and now find myself looking at potentially 3-4 surgeries on knees and hips. The last X-rays revealed a shrinking spine with less space between the vertebrae in the neck, spine and hip sockets with a bone on bone experience in both knees. Stem cell therapy could alleviate all the surgeries and the risks that go with them and give me a new lease on life. I would be grateful to God and anyone who would be willing to help. If just 2500 people gave $15.00 each I would slightly exceed my goal giving me some buffer to be off work for that time. Again thank you for anything you can do.
Richard Connelly

For more info: http://www.living-surviving.org

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