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Health Report A Flickering Light Pfizer NYSE: PFE manufacturer of Xanax Parenting and Mental Heath Struggle

Health Report A Flickering Light Pfizer NYSE: PFE manufacturer of Xanax Parenting and Mental Heath Struggle

BROOKLYN, NY August 21, 2018 – Broken marriages are bane to families, especially for the children. Fact of the matter is, children suffer the biggest loss in a situation like this, and more often than not, the mother gets the brunt of this ordeal.

Life as a single parent can be depleting and overwhelming. Every day is a challenge, and real, consistent support can be hard to find. Some mothers are fortunate to have extended family nearby who can help share the burden, but sometimes family is far away, or not in a position to help.

Some of the challenges faced by single mothers include:

 Staying emotionally and physically healthy and staying positive: This can be very challenging with all of the demands placed on a single mother. Getting to the gym and preparing healthy meals may take a backseat to work and parent-teacher conferences.

 Finding affordable, reliable and safe childcare: Too often, single mothers are forced to leave their children in less-than-ideal child care situations, or risk losing their employment. Older children may also wind up being the childcare provider for younger siblings (the Challenges of Single Parenthood, 2014)

 Finding time for adult friendships: Even if single mothers find the time, they may be too exhausted to enjoy time with adult friends.

 Working two or more jobs to make ends meet: Single parents and their children often live on less money than they did when they lived with a partner. Some single mothers may have to work an extra job because it provides health insurance benefits for their family.

 Coping with children’s behavioral problems: The single parent household can be stressful for everyone, and children may act out in response to the separation from a parent, moving to a new town or school, and adjusting to less time with their parent.

 Balancing time for work and children’s’ activities and events: Working several jobs is sometimes necessary, making it difficult to spend time with children and attend their activities.

 Managing relationships with ex-partners navigating co-parenting: After about the first year following a divorce, many fathers stop seeing their children on a regular basis—and sometimes altogether. That increases the pressure on sin¬gle mothers and interferes with the child’s long-term adjustment

Our Subject of this story, Sarah Bee is going through all that and more. She is literally on the edge now that she is reaching out to all of you for help through crowdfunding, here is her link, https://www.gofundme.com/442wum-help-a-single-mother-survive

It’s not like Pfizer (NYSE: PFE), the manufacturer of Xanax, the drug of choice for the disturbed, would actually come in and give Sarah a bailout.

Please do help, let us not let her be a statistic. A mother’s light best shines on her children, please do not allow it to be snuffed out.

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