Denver City Council to vote Tuesday whether to pay $575,000 to woman who claims she was injured by police during protests George Floyd 2020 efani SAFE Secure

Social Justice Protester May Receive $575K Payout After Multiple Surgeries

The city council in Denver, Colorado, is scheduled to vote on February 22 on giving a $575,000 settlement to a protester who underwent multiple surgeries for an injury she claims she sustained after being struck by a police projectile during the George Floyd protests in May of 2020.

The murder of Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer on May 25, 2020, sparked protests across the country. Denver was among the many large cities where protesters clashed with police. It was during these protests that Megan Matthews claims she was injured by an overaggressive police response.

Matthews had recently undergone a third eye surgery by the time she filed a lawsuit against the city of Denver in March 2021. In the suit, Matthews alleged she was struck in the eye by a 40mm sponge grenade projectile fired by the Denver Police Department or an agency aiding the police force.

Denver City Council’s website shows its agenda on February 22 includes voting on a “resolution authorizing and approving the expenditure and payment from the appropriation account designated ‘liability claims,’ the sum of five hundred seventy-five thousand dollars ($575,000.00)” made payable to a law office representing Matthews.

This article was originally published by Jurist – Raghu Gagneja | Symbiosis Law School, IN

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