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Help me fix my disfigured face GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

I am ugly in every way a man can be. I have enophthalmos, which makes me look incredibly creepy and unattractive. I was beaten severely by a bully in middle school and my eye was punched back 3mm. I’ve had it since I was 13 and I’ve been a friendless hermit ever since.

I don’t leave the house without an eyepatch or a crude combination of bandaids and eyelid tape which still leave me looking disfigured. I also look like I have no cheekbones and no chin. I also was completely bald by the time I was 19. When I look in the mirror, I want to die, I get nausea and dizziness when I see my reflection because it sickens me so bad. I’ve always been made fun of for looking like a mutated 45 year old.

I have no friends, and I’m a hopeless virgin. I dropped out of high school because even the teachers would bully me for my face and baldness. I can’t make friends, I’m too ugly and creepy looking so nobody wants to be embarrassed by being seen with me. Most women look at me in fear and disgust like I’m a rapist goblin. I’m 25 right now and I’d rather die than look like this when I’m 30. I can’t even shave without crying on the bathroom floor and bashing my head on the ground. I can’t take it anymore, I don’t want to live the rest of my life like this. I want to live a life worth living. The face I see in the mirror is not the person I am in my heart. My mother suffers enough as it is, I don’t want her watch me grow into a lonely, ugly middle aged man. My father wishes I wasn’t a virgin and had friends. I want my mother to be able to see a day when my face isn’t hideous and I have a female companion.

I’ve obsessively researched plastic surgeries and I think my life can be salvaged. The problem is, insurance doesn’t cover plastic surgery, not even enophthalmos. I have almost every flaw there is, so I need a lot of work done.

I thought I could just get a job and save up but it didn’t work out like that. My mother has MS and a host of other conditions. She doesn’t get enough from Social Security so most of my paychecks go towards her bills and prescriptions. We get our food from the foodbank. I work minimum wage and I’m lucky to get a 40 hour work week. At this rate, it would take over six years to save up for the surgeries I need. By that time, it will have been too late to make friends or find a partner I’m compatible with, I don’t think I can last that long like this anyway.

I’m sorry I didn’t include a picture of myself, I’m too ashamed to take one and I don’t want haters to find my picture and make fun of me for begging strangers for plastic surgery money online. If you saw my face, you’d know I’m worthless trash in my current form.

I’m trying to get funds for:
Orbital Volume Augmentation
Blepharoplasty/Canthoplasty (to restore symmetry)
Chin/Jaw Implant
Cheek Implants
Hair Transplant
Laser Hair removal
Travel costs
Hotel costs
Additional fees

I know if I can fix my broken appearance, I’ll have the confidence I need to want to live. I promise that if I receive the funds, I will dedicate my life to raising funds for other out there like me. A lot of people think being ugly is no big deal, but I can tell you that it crushes your soul and sucks away your will to live. It’s uncomfortable to know there are other men out there who feel as hopeless as I do.

Anyone who donates, I owe you my life.

Sincerely, Ugly Worthless Piece of Shit Who Deserves To Die…


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/please-help-me-fix-my-disfigured-face

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