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I write in English because it’s a international language.

Hello, I’m run a Facebook page with over 3.500 suffering people with Fibromyalgia .

My Facebook is:

And I would like to help some case of them with good Big Gift Card pharmacy, medical services at home, and physiotherapy sessions and the others thinks but for long time…

I do that because I know some extreme case like
“Nathalie Page
And other same case, where people are abondoned by their family and/or their country.

This request is for help people suffering Fibromyalgia in France, Belgique and Switzerland, people select from my Facebook page, because in all off this country, this healtness isn’t not recognized so the citizens don’t have state helped.

All donors will receive a simple but with mutch love letter with a picture from the person you are helping and with the proof of purchase of the product or the service I go give them.

And we will show for this country, with the citizens from all the world, we can help more there counrry.

Me, i’more know by MafibromaVie, I’m anonym because I write everything off my life, everything. In the beginning of my Facebook post you can see my first note, before post in Facebook. After my psy say make a face note and I can see you and your days. And every days I have more followers and 3 months ago I beginning boost some post. I’m a man with under 40 years old, and I old speed guy in the work with mutch responsabilité i’ have Fibromyalgia level 3 (don’t walk alone, my level of pain constantly is 8 with mutch crise 10 or over, I sleep 2 our 3 hours per day, or I don’t sleep 5 days like 3 weeks ago.
Every month I spend more of 30% of my old salary about +/- 5.500,00chf net ( if I’m Bill Gates or Cristiano Ronaldo, I don’t wanna know how mutch is 30% of there salary, pfff to big number to mutch money can change so mutch life, pffff) . But in face some people accuse me i wanna win money with my health problems Fibromyalgia, please I spend a lot of money for make know this horrible diseases in these countries and I have post some print screen of my budget of this week more of 500€ only this week, but I don’t have problems for show more week or months, just for show I’m not laying. But it’s always the same you don’t make nothing your are a asshole, and when you wanna help and do something your are more of asshole.

My real identity was controlled by Facebook (id local card, Id internacional card, health card, credit card, medical documentation, and my face in normal pictures , and here in GofundME, credit-card, real name, real address,… and sign the contract with theme with responsibility for make what I say.

So everything you can see from me it’s 98% make form my smartphone, because i can’t stay in a chair more of 15min after I have strong pain.

But it’s rude to be critically all days when you just wanna help. I’m only one Fibro Warrior making everything alone without help I have received only 10€ for help me to boost the post and make the Fibromyalgia touch more of 4.000.000 people in these country.

Sorry for my English but it’s the English I have know because I forgot to much thing in my life, and it’s good for my brain to exercise.

My Facebook is

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