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Rab Investment is a start-up whose core aim is to pre-finance commercial vehicle operators who for one reason or the other do not get the necessary support from tradtional banks.Rab Investment is committed to help these drivers to have access to genuine and brand new auto parts for their vehicle. Reason being that,the rate at which accidents do occur on our roads is very alarming.

Rab Investment Ltd. has introduced a pre-finance system that will allow these commercial operators get access to brand new auto parts by way of pre-financing to curb or end the spate of road accidents happening on our roads.Fortunately, the reception has been wonderful and will need a helping hand to grow.
Rab Investment Ltd. is therefore, seeking your support to help this project to make our roads accident-free.Of course,everyone is gullible but the vulnerable ones like the cripple,children and women are the most affected.Remember that every little support given will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your contribution.Best!!

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