Help with Medical Expenses GoFundME Campaign

On June 12, 2018, I was involved in a vehicle accident where the truck I was a passenger in struck a cow in the middle of the night. The accident could not be avoided and I was pinned behind this wreckage. I suffered a severe back injury where my L2 through L5 vertebrae were fractured and discs were herniated. This occurred even though I was wearing a seat belt.

Unfortunately, the passenger side airbag in this truck was disabled which could have helped prevent the severity of the injury to my body. I do not have health insurance since I have been been working in the past year in a half due to severe PTSD which has me homebound a majority of the time.

Costs for therapy treatment are incurring and I’m still on a waiting list to see a Neurosurgeon to determine what else can be done for me. I travel three times a week and several times a month for medical treatment, these costs are also expensive based on the distance I travel. My pain level is high and because of all the medications I’m on for diabetes and PTSD I’m limited with what painkillers I’m allowed to take.

Your generosity and giving is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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