Help Zamora GoFundME Campaign

PRIDE! Has always been my thing and so has the saying” my kids and no one else responsibility” But then when your child is told they are sick all that stops and your willing to move Earth for them.

And that’s what I am doing. My daughter was just diagnosed with scoliosis and not sure of much so we found a doctor in Tulsa and we are getting to go see them and soon which is what I want but that means we are in debit due to somethings that’s happened and now we need help.

We have no idea what were up against until we get there but I do know that takes gas and time off and dinners on the road and maybe rooms. I would not ask but she is my daughter i will sell everything and ask and do what i can for her to have the best.

I am certain there are plenty out there need more help than us but if you can help Thank You. Their is not enough Thank you in the world for the help but thank you.

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