Helping A Shipmate Randy Boykin GoFundME Campaign

I am asking for donations to help a fellow Iraqi Veteran, Randy Boykin. Like most of us, after leaving the service, he fell on some hard times. He was out of work, suffered a personal loss, and was facing homelessness. Luckily, a group of friends and shipmates got together and got him out of that situation and Randy now has a place to live and has even gained employment.

The reason I am asking for your donation is to help Randy get a car so he can get back and forth to work and also so he can make it to his VA doctors appointments. At the moment, his only mode of transportation is a bicycle that he rides 6 miles each way to work. He lives in a small town in Arkansas with no public transportation and he doesn’t have any relatives that he can rely on for rides. Any money that is raised would go towards purchasing a used car for his use only so he can maintain employment and keep his necessary doctor appointments.

Randy has been a good friend to me over the years and has worked hard to improve his situation in life.
I would be forever grateful to anyone willing to help out my shipmate in his time of need.

Thank You!

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