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HootBoard AirX: Transform Any Lobby into an Interactive Experience Powerhouse

HootBoard is a leading provider of interactive kiosk solutions, specialized for Travel and Tourism, Universities, and Workplaces. With the launch of AirX, we are inviting applications for becoming a HootBoard Reseller Partner.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Jun 11, 2024 ( – HootBoard, a leading provider of interactive kiosk solutions, unveiled the HootBoard AirX, a comprehensive visitor engagement interactive kiosk designed to transform welcomes from mundane to magnificent for lobbies in hotels, museums, visitor centers, universities, workplaces, and large venues.

Engaging Features for Enhanced Visitor Experiences

The AirX boasts a suite of features designed to inform, engage, and promote. From wayfinding apps and itinerary creators to selfiebooths and local business directories, AirX caters to the needs of both visitors and businesses. Public safety announcements ensure visitor well-being, while experiences and ticketing functionalities allow for seamless booking of local attractions.

Elegant Design Meets Seamless Functionality

The HootBoard AirX is feature-rich and aesthetically pleasing. Available in sleek white or classic black and featuring a super slim design, the AirX complements any environment. The high-definition display and responsive touch technology provide an intuitive and informative user experience. Built for durability with tempered glass and exceptional brightness, the AirX is designed to withstand everyday use.

Effortless Setup and Management

HootBoard prioritizes user-friendliness. The AirX is designed for effortless setup and maintenance, allowing for quick deployment and hassle-free content management.

Several factors differentiate HootBoard AirX from competitors:

Turnkey Experience: Pre-configured kiosks with proprietary software ensure a quick and seamless deployment.
Customization and Scalability: Tailored solutions cater to diverse industries and environments, with a scalable design to accommodate future growth.
Technological Convergence: Premium hardware seamlessly integrates with feature-rich software, offering functionalities like people counting, high-quality speakers, and interactive touchscreens.

Empowering Kiosk and Display Screen Resellers and Distributors

With this launch, HootBoard is offering a compelling opportunity for resellers and distributors. With attractive margins, access to professional marketing materials, sales support, and comprehensive training, becoming a HootBoard AirX partner empowers AV and Display hardware businesses to grow their revenue and provide their clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Become a HootBoard AirX Partner Today

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About HootBoard:

HootBoard is a leading provider of interactive kiosk solutions, specialized for Travel and Tourism, Universities, and Workplaces.

We believe in the intrinsic human desire to be part of something greater than ourselves. People naturally seek connection and a sense of belonging, which, once established, can drive them to extraordinary lengths in support of a cause or the betterment of a place or an organization. With this belief, HootBoard is leading the charge in creating meaningful engagements in common spaces.

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