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My name is Sami. I am 19 and this February I will be 20. It has been my dream to travel the world ever since I was little, especially since this past June. On June 14th I was admitted to the St. Cloud Hospital because I had two massive blood clots in my lungs, along with a bunch of small ones. Before I was admitted I couldn’t sit up, stand up, basically do anything but lay down without getting light-headed and almost passing out. I would have issues breathing and could not catch my breath when I had to get up, mostly to use the restroom. I was very lucky to have it caught in time and had a procedure done to help break up the two massive blood clots. The procedure consisted of tubes and wires going up through my groins up to my lungs. I wasn’t allowed to move my legs for over 12 hours. It was the second worst thing ever, the first being the stuff occurring before being admitted. I woke up every 3-4 hours that night in so much pain. My sides hurt, my legs, my chest, almost my entire body. But I managed to pull through. I was sent home June 17th on oxygen and was told I am lucky to be alive. I am now off of oxygen and on blood-thinners for the next 4-5 months. For the past few years I’ve wanted to travel to South Korea. I love listening to K-pop, which has really inspired this. The goofballs in the picture are BTS, and they are my favorite band. I hope to meet them someday! After doing some research and seeing some pictures, I really want to go to South Korea for fun and to learn more about the culture. Also to meet some of my favorite artists, as well as go to some of their concerts! I plan on staying there for a while because if I’m traveling somewhere out of the country, I’m not just staying for a week. I plan on maybe staying for a three or four weeks, depending on how everything goes. I just need help raising money! If you could spare $1 and share to all of your friends, that would help me so much in following my dreams. I plan on going in May or June of 2017. Any help is appreciated!

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